Custom towels are excellent for promoting businesses and teams at sporting events, gyms and the beach. Your logo will capture attention wherever these trendy towels are used!

Personalized beach towels, rally towels, golf towels and sports cooling towels are absorbent and offer long-lasting advertising for your business or school.

Take a look at the new selection of custom towels at Totally Promotional and get the most out of your next marketing campaign!

Logo beach towels

woman holding a custom printed beach towel

Personalized beach towels in polyester. cotton and other blended fabrics are popular gifts for swim team members of all ages. Swimmers will feel united when drying off with beach towels printed with their team name.

Custom beach towels with logos will boost the brands of surf shops, beach stores, hotels and swimwear companies. Use them as giveaways for swim and beach volleyball athletes at tournaments and banquets.

Buy custom beach towels in bulk for great savings! Totally Promotional has minimum order quantities as low as 24 on many styles.

Beach towels FAQs

What is the difference between a standard bathroom towel and a beach towel?

Beach towels tend to be longer and more colorful than bathroom towels. Their length provides plenty of space for people to lay on while at the beach. Their fun colors make them attractive and easier to spot at a crowded pool.

Which beach towel is best?

The 30” x 60” Beach Towel is our top pick for its amazing large size. Each of our custom towels is soft and provide plenty of room to show off your name, logo or tagline.

Golf towels

custom red golf towel with golf tees and golf balls

Custom golf towels are an excellent marketing tool for golf teams, country clubs and golf courses. Pro shops also benefit from personalizing golf towels with their business logo.

Give custom golf towels with logos to new members or clients to foster positive relationships. Use them for golf tournament prizes, proximity awards and door prizes. Combine golf towels with other customized golf items in a basket for overall winners!

All of our golf towels, such as our popular Golf Towel With Grommet and Hook, have a loop in the material. The convenient loop makes them easy to attach to golf bags so they don’t get lost on the green!

Check out our soft microfiber, cotton, terry and waffle towels! They are handy for wiping sweat and cleaning dirty equipment.

Golf towels FAQs

What size are golf towels?

Golf towels at Totally Promotional are offered in a variety of sizes. One of our smallest towels is the 11.5-inch by 11.5-inch Microfiber Golf Towel With Hook. One of the largest is our 17-inch by 40-inch Waffle Caddy Gold Towel With Loop.

Can you wash golf towels?

Yes, you should wash your golf towels regularly to fight germs and mold. Follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions to preserve the quality of your items.

Rally towels

custom rally towel with logo on bleachers with a water bottle

Custom rally towels are popular giveaways for spirit rallies and tournament games. Businesses and organizations can show their support for high school and college teams by handing out rally towels with logos to fans. It’s a great way to show team spirit and expose their brand at the same time!

Choose from over 10 product colors and enjoy free print setup on select towels at Totally Promotional.

Rally towels FAQs

How are rally towels used?

Fans use customized spirit rally towels to show support at rivalry games and championships. Rally towels are routinely swirled in the air to distract the opposing team. One of our bestselling styles is the Protowels Rally Towel!

How do fans display their rally towels?

Fans often collect rally towels as souvenirs from special events. They place them in shadow boxes or frames to hang on walls. This gives your name or logo even longer branding power.

Sports cooling towels

custom sports cooling towels with a gym bag and gym shoes

Custom sports towels are perfect for advertising gyms, yoga studios and fitness centers. Sports teams and even weekend athletes welcome custom cooling towels to handle sweat during games and practices.

Our Recycled Polyester Cooling Towel is a popular style that your eco-conscious clients will appreciate. Hand out promotional sports towels at the next sporting event in your community!

Cooling towels FAQs

How do cooling towels work?

Cooling towels use cold water to pull heat away from the body in a process called evaporative cooling. Place the towel in cold water then wring it out so it remains wet but not dripping. Snap it safely in the air a few times before applying the cooling towel to your skin for immediate relief.

Can I get a full-color imprint on my custom cooling towels?

Yes! Check out our Full-Color Cooling Towel with a clip and drawstring enclosure. Our graphic designers will gladly help make your logo stand out!

Plan giveaways with custom logo towels

Now is the time to buy custom towels! Summer sporting and outdoor events are gearing up. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your brand to the public.

Unite teams and fans with custom logo towels from Totally Promotional!

cheers to summer fun! order your custom cups today!

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