You’ll need more than great products to be a successful Etsy wedding seller. It takes some experience and great tips when selling wedding items on Etsy.

Selling wedding favors and essentials is more complex than just posting images and waiting for profits to roll in. Building trust and creating a positive brand image will drive traffic to your Etsy page.

Don’t skip these tips for handling nervous wedding planners and the occasional “Bridezilla.”

7 best tips for selling wedding items on Etsy

Before you open your wedding shop on Etsy, learn how to treat customers, present your products like a pro, and create a brand that speaks to your target audience.

1. Show compassion

A wedding is one of the most important and stressful days in your client’s life. According to a study by Zola, 71 percent of couples said wedding planning topped the list of nerve-wracking life events. So, be kind.

Some shoppers will ask a zillion questions and never buy a thing. Handle all potential customers with kid gloves and your reputation for compassion will get around.

2. Offer customized options

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No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding. Make your clients feel special by offering personalized wedding favors and gifts.

Our Totally Wedding products can be printed with the bride and groom’s favorite saying, funny phrase or romantic design. Adding their names and wedding date makes their big day even more unique.

3. Keep your text clean and error-free

Spelling errors, misplaced apostrophes and awkward sentences can make you look unprofessional and have a negative effect on your Etsy sales. Customers may even question your reliability and the quality of your products.

The answer is simple: Use a trusted proofreader to check your text and punctuation before it goes live. Grammarly is free and one of several reputable tools used by many writers to edit copy.

4. Use quality images that inspire

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A fuzzy photo or a drab scene shot won’t cut it in today’s marketplace. Shoppers crave a quality photo that helps them visualize how they’ll use your products to enhance their wedding.

If photography isn’t your thing, take classes or hire someone if your budget allows. Ask customers to send images of your products in action and reward them with discounts or contest entries.

Good pictures of real customers using your products can be a huge plus for your business.

5. Buy materials in bulk

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Etsy sellers must be diligent about saving money on supplies to maximize profits. That doesn’t mean go cheap! On the contrary, it’s important to use quality materials or you’ll get slammed on social media and in reviews when products break or arrive damaged.

Look for vendors who sell in bulk and take advantage of the price break every chance you get. Our team here at Totally Wedding Koozies does all that and more!

6. Excel in customer service after the sale

Customer service reps often feel the wrath when things go wrong, big or small. It’s not an easy job.

Make sure your customer service staff is trained to balance empathy with company policy when assisting clients. Encourage them to be positive and offer solutions instead of focusing on limitations.

Poor customer service has consequences that could haunt you for years.

7. Keep updated on the latest trends

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To stay competitive, you can’t fall behind on what’s hot. Do your research, spy on your competitors and subscribe to wedding industry newsletters.

Styles and colors can change overnight. One example is the Pantone Color of the Year, which almost immediately inspires new trends in wedding decor and guest favors.

I also suggest you read our wedding-related blogs to stay current on new items and chic trends for your clients.

Stay competitive when selling wedding items on Etsy

It’s no easy task to stay competitive with more than 2.5 million businesses vying for sales on Etsy. But you can do it! Make a point to review these tips periodically (Bookmark this page now!), especially if profits aren’t as great as you expected.

Also, take a look at the many wedding guest favors and party supplies such as printed napkins and bulk cups at Totally Wedding Koozies. Our selection continues to grow!

I’d love to hear your special tips for selling wedding items on Etsy! Please leave a comment to share with others. Best wishes!

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