Serving wine at wedding receptions requires planning, calculations and lessons on etiquette.

You need to know how much wine to buy for your wedding, what types pair best with your menu, the cost and how to serve it to your guests.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. A little planning and sound advice are all you need to create memories that last a lifetime, according to wine connoisseurs Nick Pappas and his daughter, Tessa.

“Wine is so special because its aroma and flavor can preserve and conjure up memories. Just opening up the same bottle of wine you drank on your wedding night will bring back a flood of good memories years later.”

Nick Pappas, a wine expert who has worked in the industry for decades.

Take the stress out of planning with these expert tips from Nick and Tessa:

10 tips for serving wine at weddings

  1. Serve more red wine than white.
    You’ll be wise to choose a higher percentage of red wines due to their vast popularity. Rosé is an increasingly popular choice. A good ratio is 40 percent red, 30 percent white and 30 percent rosé, although no one knows your guests’ preferences better than you.
  2. Try to satisfy, not impress.
    The majority of your guests likely will be average wine consumers, not experts. Select wines of good value over expensive types. Your guests won’t expect $100 Bordeaux; most will be happy with crowd-pleasers such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc.
  3. Keep the good stuff back for VIPs.
    Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to splurge on a few quality bottles for the wedding party and other very special guests. It’s a great way to express your gratefulness for their presence.
  4. Include at least one sparkling wine on your list.
    Whether it is white, rosé, champagne or prosecco, sparkling wine is a must for the toast. Champagne is a good choice for the wedding party. Consider a less expensive prosecco for guests who wish to toast your new life together.
  5. Make sure your vendor can obtain the wine you want.
    Often the staff at your wedding venue will order the wine and make sure it’s chilled when served. Contact the venue early to ensure their usual vendor carries the wines you want. Consider doing preliminary research so you can suggest wine distributors that can fulfill your requests.
  6. Set a budget and ask for help.
    Don’t be afraid to search the Internet or ask a trusted acquaintance for help choosing wines that fit your budget and guests. The extra guidance can make planning a lot easier and your big day more enjoyable!
  7. A 750-ml. bottle of wine serves four to five guests. Usually.
    Each bottle of wine should serve about four to five people depending on the pour of the bartender. However, you know your guests best. If the majority of your family and friends prefer wine over other beverages, adjust amounts accordingly.
  8. Save a few bottles for you and your spouse.
    Before your special day begins, be sure to stash a bottle or two of wine away for a future date with your spouse! Similar to eating a piece of wedding cake on your first anniversary, drinking a glass of wedding wine a year later can provide a special memory of the occasion.
  9. Keep your wine at proper serving temperatures.
    Make sure the people in charge of your venue or your bar crew keep your wine at the appropriate temperature throughout your celebration. White and rosé wines need to be chilled; red wines must not become overheated. This is especially important for outdoor weddings when the sun is hot and refrigeration isn’t ideal.
  10. Use wine bottles as table centerpieces.
    Placing unopened bottles of wine in the center of your tables is an elegant touch your guests will enjoy. This also is a good reason to avoid serving box wines. Although box wines can be delicious and convenient, bottles will be more appealing on your tables and in the bartender’s hands.

Wine guide for wedding receptions

Still have questions? Take a few sips and read on to learn more about choosing wine for your wedding. The infographic below was shared by our friends at Lakeshore Convention Centre, a wedding venue in Mississauga, Canada.

how to choose wine for your wedding infographic

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