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Top 5 surprise wedding costs

Expensive Wedding

Think you’ve got a handle on your wedding expenses? The average cost of a wedding in 2015 was $32,641!

When you stop hyperventilating, read on.

It’s easy to get blind-sided by underestimated or unexpected wedding costs. Take a moment to ponder my list of top five surprise expenses (in no particular order):

Unexpected Wedding Costs

Wedding dress alterations are one of the biggest hidden expenses brides face.

1.  Dress Alterations

You’ve fallen in love with the dress of your dreams but it’s not a perfect fit. According to Heritage Gown Preservation, alterations usually range from $75-$250. However, multiple layers, buttons, lace and other details can raise the fee even higher!

And when no amount of alterations will squeeze you into the gown you adore on the rack, expect additional shipping costs and taxes to have it ordered in your true size.

2.  Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

This is one expense the bride and groom can control by choice. For less than $100 each, you can stay local, have a nice meal, enjoy some beverages, do some dancing.

Unexpected Wedding Costs

Hitting the road for a bachelorette/bachelor party could greatly increase your wedding budget.

However, costs can skyrocket if your plans include a road trip with an overnight stay, a concert, ballgame, spa or other pricey activities.

3.  Postage

How can a few little stamps cost so much? Well … there’s Save the Date announcements, wedding invitations and thank-you cards. At 47 cents a pop for regular envelopes, it adds up. Sorry, it’s not proper etiquette to use email or other social media for such things.

4.  Wedding Favors

Your guests will love a personalized wedding favor but costs can sting if you’re not careful. Totally Promotional can help you customize classy can coolers, cups, lip balmnapkins and tableware at an economical price!

Wedding Favors

Let Totally Promotional help you customize all types of favors and tableware items for your wedding.

Fancy favor displays can add pizzazz to your reception and deliver a cherished souvenir to those sharing your special day.

5.  Weight Loss

Working on a slimmer you before walking down the aisle could also slim down your pocketbook. Eating healthy isn’t cheap; fresh fruits and vegetables often are more expensive than other foods.

Unexpected Wedding Costs - Gym Membership

A gym membership could help with weight loss but might put a dent in your wedding budget.

Gym memberships can range from $50 to $200 per month, according to Market Watch. Even a good pair of running/walking shoes can cost over $100.

Plan, plan, plan

  • Establish a budget and stick to it.  Know in advance who is paying for what. Are your parents or rich Uncle Bob kicking in some money? Don’t make assumptions!
  • Cut any pricey items or events that you and your honey aren’t wild about anyway (even if your future mother-in-law is!)
  • Put an extra 10-20 percent in your budget for those “extras” you didn’t plan on like a reprint of your wedding programs (after they were left home alone with the dog).

The biggest piece of advice I can give is BE PREPARED for the unexpected!

— Shelley Grieshop

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