Are you looking for a creative, trendy way to advertise your business, school or organization? Consider investing in custom-designed tote bags! Personalized tote bags are an effective solution for marketing products and services, raising funds and showing appreciation.

With their versatility and the wide range of materials available, totes are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional! We even have a new line of sustainable and eco-friendly tote bags! Let’s take a closer look at all of these popular bags.

Why do people prefer tote bags?

woman holding a customized blue tote bag

Here are a few of the things people love about tote bags:

  • Large interior 
  • Reusable for many occasions 
  • Durable 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Customizable

What is a tote bag used for?

woman holding a customizable tote bag at a plant boutique

Tote bags are stylish accessories people carry almost everywhere for multiple reasons. Check out the top tote bag uses:

Bookstore events

Tote bags like our Polypropylene Budget Shopper Totes are great giveaway items at book signings. They also are profitable as merchandise for bookstores. The strong tote back materials will safely and securely hold books of varying sizes and show off your logo wherever they go!


Office workers and students bring a variety of items with them every day like laptops, tablets, business notebooks, folders and pens. Reliable tote bags are even more essential for holding belongings of staff who travel by public transportation.

Consider giving your employees Polypropylene Economy Totes as gifts for the holidays. Place your logo on the front for excellent branding opportunities.

Fair booths/trade shows

Custom tote bags are great tools to get your promotional materials into many people’s hands! Set them out as popular giveaways for attendees. You can also place other custom products, your business card, brochures and more inside them and hand them to attendees at your table.


woman shopping at a grocery store with a customizable tote bag

Customers nowadays are super conscious about plastic waste and try to avoid using traditional plastic shopping bags. By utilizing and offering custom reusable grocery bags, you can proudly let everyone know your business is eco-friendly and with the times. Give away personalized Polypropylene Grocery Totes to people in your store!

Tote bags have solid handles and plenty of room for produce, meat and other bulky items.

Gym trips

Tote bags are perfect for packing an extra set of clothes, running shoes or other items for a workout session. Include our Colored Cotton Promotional Totes as a welcome gift for new gym members to encourage them to stay.


Tote bags make great carry-ons for flying. They can hold various items travelers will need on their journey and are easily emptied at TSA checkpoints. Hand totes out to your frequent flyers to show them you appreciate their business!

Custom tote bags can also be used in cars to hold emergency tool kits and safety items for trips. They also make excellent products for dealerships to give to clients who make vehicle purchases. Your customers will think of you every time they see their totes.

Extracurricular activities

Sports team players and school club members often have equipment, uniforms and documents to bring to practice and events. Make it easier on them with tote bags!

Gifting our sturdy Polypropylene Promotional Totes to your entire group will increase camaraderie and help everyone keep their items in one place. Customize your team tote bags with your mascot or club name on the front to let more people know about your activities!


Personalized tote bags are popular items you can gift to your wedding party for their help on your special day. They can also be used as welcome packages for guests traveling to your wedding. Fill them with thoughtful gifts to show your appreciation!

Can guys use tote bags?

man holding a customized tote bag in a grocery store

Yes, anyone can use a personalized tote bag! Many famous male celebrities use tote bags, such as actor Hugh Jackman. Whether it is for fashion or function, men worldwide have added tote bags to their daily routines.

Busy men today need much more than a wallet to carry around. They carry laptops, phone chargers, notebooks and other personal items with them. Tote bags have plenty of space for all of their necessities.

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