National Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 14-20, 2024. It is an opportunity for organizations and businesses to thank those who do valuable work without expecting anything in return.  

What is National Volunteer Appreciation Week all about? 

This special week allows individuals, businesses and organizations to give thanks to those who have a tremendous impact in our communities. Volunteering has expanded in recent times and there is potential for more growth.

Only 36 percent of surveyed Americans volunteered until recently. Today, 73 percent of Americans believe volunteering is more important than ever; 39 percent intend to get more involved in civic programs.  

Volunteers should be celebrated for their efforts. They will always be needed in fields such as healthcare, senior citizen programs, schools and civic organizations.

How do you show appreciation to volunteers? 

An easy way to say thank-you to volunteers is to give them a practical, customized gift. It shows how much you value their efforts and gives you an opportunity to expose your logo or awareness message.

Stay away from knick-knacks and plaques. They may seem like nice gifts but most people today would rather receive items they can use.

Totally Promotional has an array of products that will allow you to stay on budget and show you care. 

10 best custom volunteer appreciation gifts 

collage of custom printed hats, water bottles and keychains

1. Plastic water bottles

Custom plastic water bottles, such as our bestselling 20 oz. Colored Plastic Sports and Bike Bottle, make excellent volunteer appreciation gifts. Water bottles keep workers hydrated during their shifts.

Many of our most popular water bottles cost less than $2 per item, offer a variety of colors and have delivery included.  

2. Hats

Personalized hats allow volunteers to show pride in their organization and work. Our most-popular hat is the Economy Cotton Twill Cap, which offers many color choices.

Most of our affordable hats cost about $5 each with delivery included. 

3. Drawstring bags 

Customized drawstring bags are excellent volunteer appreciation gifts by themselves or with other goodies tucked inside. While your logo gains exposure, your volunteers have something portable to store their items in.  

Our bestseller is the Polypropylene Drawstring Bag. Some of our bags include free shipping and prices lower than $1 per item.  

4. Keychains 

Personalized keychains are a low-cost volunteer appreciation gift that everyone can use. We have many multifunctional styles such as our bestselling Handy Bottle Opener Key Ring.

Browse our growing selection for keyrings that cost less than $1 per item.  

5. Mouse pads 

Another volunteer appreciation gift that will get used daily is custom mouse pads. Volunteers will use these at home, traveling or at the office when they volunteer.  

Several of our mouse pads are less than $2 per item. Check out our popular 1/4-in. Rectangular Mouse Pad.

6. Can coolers 

Customized can coolers are essential for your volunteer appreciation party. They’ll keep everyone’s drinks cold during the event. Volunteers will bring them home after the party and remember your thoughtfulness and brand for years. 

Our bestseller is the Premium Foam Can Cooler with a full-color digital imprint. Check out our can coolers for prices lower than $1 per item and free delivery.   

7. Lip balm 

Volunteers will appreciate having custom lip balm with them wherever they go. Any extras can be easily stored and used for other events.  

You can’t go wrong with lip balm prices lower than $1 per item and free delivery! Try our most popular lip balm product: SPF 15 Lip Balm.

8. Hand sanitizer

Promote good hygiene by ordering custom hand sanitizer for volunteer appreciation gifts. Check out our customer favorite: 1 oz. Custom Hand Sanitizer Bottles. We have many hand sanitizers that are less than $1 per bottle and include free delivery.  

9. Pens 

Personalized pens are perfect as functional gifts for Volunteer Appreciation Week. Volunteers will keep them stashed in purses and pockets to fill out paperwork in style. Boost your brand by giving extras to visitors and clients! 

Our Bex Pens are everyone’s favorite at Totally Promotional. They are available in blue, black and red ink options. Many of our affordable pens are less than $1 per item with free delivery.  

10. Stress balls 

Let volunteers reduce their anxiety as needed with customized stress balls. You can order our bestselling Round Stress Ball or find one that matches your organization’s theme.

Many of the stress balls at Totally Promotional have free setup, prices under $1 per item and free delivery. 

Plan your volunteer appreciation giveaways 

turquoise koozie with white imprint and confetti

You can hand out these volunteer appreciation gifts during normal hours or special events near the official Volunteer Appreciation Week. You could also place them on decorated tables during banquets, meetings, free lunches and other volunteer events you host. 

The customized items you choose will boost your organization’s branding and show your volunteers how grateful you are for their work. Get your order in early. Shop now!

custom napkins for your volunteer appreciation event

Jodi Laux is a copywriter with Totally Promotional. Her passion for writing was sparked by spending much of her childhood with her nose stuck in a book. Jodi formed her creative voice at Wright State University, where she graduated summa cum laude. Now she writes content to help people find the answers and products they need.

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