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Wedding Decor to Die For: Jewel Tone

Jewel Tone Wedding

Are you looking for wedding decor ideas that will stand out against the crowd of gorgeous weddings? Well, you’re in good hands.  Recently, my very own sister got married, on May 23, 2015 – and if I may say so myself – her wedding was stunning. Not only was I in the maid of honor, but three other employees of Totally Promotional were a part of the wedding party!

jewel tone wedding bride

My sister, Sam, and I just after the ceremony.

Being a ‘colorful’ person, my sister, Sam, knew straight away that she wanted a jewel toned wedding. She used peacock feathers as accents. She did almost all of the planning herself and had to pay very little for her wedding decor! Just wait until you get a sneak peak at some of her ideas brought to life.

Jewel Tone Wedding Family Picture

All of our immediate siblings.

Sam had 10 bridesmaids.  (I know, I know – a very big wedding, but somewhat normal for our area when there are big families and lifelong friends.) There were five different bridesmaids dress colors, so there were two girls in each color. The five colors were teal, purple, sapphire blue, fuchsia, and green. The day was beautiful, with 75 degree weather and almost zero humidity. It was perfect weather, for Ohio’s standards. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Bride and Ring Bears- Jewel Tone Wedding

Sam and her two godsons.

Wedding Decor Details

The reception hall was blooming with color as well, the tables were covered in silk table runners of all the previously named colors. Sitting on top of the runners were painted wine bottles with painted twigs inside, along with some pink and blue candles. Sam had a five-tier cake, and each tier had a ribbon on it of a different color.

Jewel Tone Wedding Cake

Her 5-tier cake

Since she has two sisters working for Totally Promotional, Sam ordered her can coolers online, as well as some decorative banners (as seen above/below). The monogram design that you see on her multicolored can coolers is Sam’s very own design that she came up with a few years ago. It turned out just how she wanted.

Jewel Tone Wedding Can Coolers

Sam made a beautifully simple yarn curtain as part of her wedding decor.  It was hung in the entrance into the hall, where the reception was held. This is how she made it (with the help of a few bridesmaids):

  • Braid a thick strand of yarn (for the top)
  • Tie long strands of yarn to that braid (long enough that if hung from a doorway – they will almost touch the ground – it can be trimmed)
  • Cut even shorter pieces about three inches long or so
  • Tie those pieces to the respective color strands
  • Make the spacing however you see fit

Jewel Tone Wedding Decor

One of the crowd favorites were her banners that she also purchased from right here at Totally Promotional as a part of her wedding decor. One was used as a “Thank You” to all of their guests, and the other was a backdrop for the wedding party table. Both showed blown up engagement photos of the couple onto a polyester cloth.

Jewel Tone Wedding Banner

Custom Wedding Banner

My sister and her now husband, Zach, have quite the history. They met in the summer of her senior year of high school and really hit it off, but they didn’t date until a whole two years later! She wrote out their “Love Story” for all of their guests to see (and it now hangs on a wall in their home).

Jewel Tone Wedding Story

Their ‘love story’ and a card cage in the background

When the guests entered the hall, they also came across a table filled with pictures of the couple as well as both of their parents on their wedding day. And a guest book, complete with an adorable cover, sat out for all the guests to sign and leave a message for the happy couple. Anything from advice, well wishes, or just plain “I love you’s” were left for Sam and Zach to sift through later.

Jewel Tone Wedding Display


Jewel Tone Wedding Images

The tables for all of the guests were all decorated with silver spray painted wine bottles and white spray painted twigs stuck inside them. These twigs were sprinkled with glitter and dotted with colored tissue paper blooms as well. She also set out wineglasses upside down, and placed candles on top. Each table was lined with a jewel toned silky runner, and origami birds were scattered about the decorations. Sam liked to say her theme was “Love Birds” because she had bird and music oriented decorations – not to mention all of the peacock feathers!

Jewel Tone Wedding Table Runners

Guest tables – They invited 720 guests (kind of the norm for our area)

The wedding party table had similar decorations, but with name card holders and chair covers. The cards were held up with adorable little treble clef card holders. Each of the place holders held an old photo of that party member with either the bride or groom on the back side of the card. These were fun for everyone to look and laugh at (and was a big favorite for my grandmother)! The seats were all covered with white material, and colorful, glittery bows were tied around the back. It was picture perfect!

Jewel Tone Wedding Seat Covers

All of Sam and Zach’s wedding decor (and friends and family) came together to create a beautiful setting for their long awaited day. Both the ceremony and reception were perfect and filled with laughter and bright smiles. Everything went so smoothly and quickly, and everything was simply stunning. We’ve even seen a sneak-peak video of the day, and it had immortalized everything beautiful about May 23, 2015.

-Hannah 😀

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