Deciding how many napkins to order for your wedding can be tougher than you think.

Ordering too many isn’t tragic; you can always use them later. But running out of custom wedding napkins could have sticky consequences. A napkin shortage could leave guests with dirty hands, messy faces and soiled clothing.

Find out how many cocktail wedding napkins to order with Totally Promotional’s handy calculator. Simply enter the number of wedding guests you expect.

Wedding Napkin Calculator

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The calculator shows the recommended number of wedding cocktail napkins to order, based on 3.5 per guest. Cocktail wedding napkins are the most popular choice of brides and grooms because of their diversity. You’ll want plenty for serving drinks or finger foods, and to place on ice cream, coffee and other specialty bars.

What kind of napkins do I need?

what kind of napkins to order

Customized wedding napkins come in various sizes and shapes to serve different tasks at your reception. The selection includes 3-ply cocktail, custom wedding lunch napkins and dinner napkins. If you want something bigger to use in the bathrooms or for spill-prone areas, we have gorgeous wedding guest towels.

The types and number of napkins you’ll need depends on the food and drinks you serve. Take into consideration appetizers, the meal, snacks, desserts, specialty food and drink bars, and edible wedding favors.

Brides want their weddings to be unique and personalization makes it happen. Start by placing your names and favorite artwork on the custom wedding napkins you choose for your celebration. Your guests will love that you shared your heart and soul with them!

Still not sure which type of wedding napkins you need? Let’s take a closer look at each:

Custom cocktail wedding napkins

to have and to hold wedding napkin

Printed cocktail wedding napkins are a favorite of brides and grooms. They often choose these and matching lunch or dinner napkins for their wedding receptions.

Our cocktail napkins measure 5-inches-by-5-inches when folded, and 10-inches-by-10-inches when open. You can place them at the bar to give out with drinks. You’ll also want to stack them on appetizer, snack and dessert tables, and neatly fan them near your wedding cake.

Select from nearly three dozen cocktail napkin colors and more than 20 screen-printed and foil-stamped imprint colors to match your wedding theme.

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How many lunch wedding napkins to order

Plan for each guest to use two lunch wedding napkins during the meal. Some people will use just one while others will take up to three to thoroughly wipe their hands and face. Ordering two per guest will ensure the right amount.

Personalized lunch wedding napkins are the go-to choice for casual meals but have plenty of style for fine dining. They also are the ideal size for snacks and edible guest favors.

Lunch wedding napkins measure 6.5 -inches-by-6.5-inches when folded, and 13-inches-by-13-inches when open.

Select from more than three dozen lunch napkin colors and approximately two dozen foil-stamped and screen printed imprint colors.

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How many dinner wedding napkins to order

Most guests will use just one dinner wedding napkin but messier eaters or those with children will grab two. Play it safe by estimating 1.5 dinner napkins for each guest.

Customized dinner wedding napkins are the No. 1 pick for formal dining. They have the ability to upgrade any wedding venue to high class. Their size allows plenty of lap coverage for guests to keep those fancy clothes clean while eating.

Our dinner napkins are 8-inches-by-8-inches when folded, and 16-inches-by-16-inches when open.

Select from about 30 dinner napkin colors. Browse the dozens of foil-stamped and screen-printed color options. We’re sure you’ll find product and imprint colors that beautifully accent your theme!

how many guest towel napkins to order graphic

How many wedding guest towels to order?

Each wedding guest likely will visit the bathroom at least once during the reception and others will return several times. Plan for 2.5 wedding guest towels per person.

If you’ve got a taste for sophistication, you’ll want customized wedding guest towels in every bathroom and lounge area for family and friends. Our guest towels measure 4.5-inches-by-8-inches when folded, and 12-inches-by-17-inches when open.

These 3-ply guest towels are available in more than 30 vogue product colors. Choose from nearly two dozen foil-stamped or screen-printed imprint colors.

Upgrade to faux linen

eat, drink and be married wedding napkin

Looking for a napkin with a richer feel but don’t want the expense of real linen? Browse our linen-like cocktail and dinner wedding napkins. They are made with Airlaid material, a non-woven fabric constructed with fluff pulp. These napkins cost a little more than standard paper styles but are softer and more absorbent.

Ready to order those fabulous wedding napkins for your big day? Start shopping today!

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