I remember as a kid playing dress-up with my mom’s furry, fox stole. I would wrap the furry thing around my shoulders and pretend to be a princess about to marry my prince.

It was a far cry from today’s wedding photo booth props.

Dress-up and smile

Today’s wedding photo booths are filled with store-bought and handmade items of all kinds. Newlyweds and their guests rummage through the props and transform themselves into playful camera subjects.

Wedding booths are often user-friendly, requiring little if any effort on the big day. But the photos created are often the ones most cherished by the bride and groom.

Photo booths are incredibly fun and can be quite simple to create, such as the one featured in Woodlands Chic Wedding by The Budget Savvy Bride. Totally Wedding Koozies provided the personalized koozies® for this beautiful wedding!

The props you select for your big day will dictate the fun level. Here are the basics:

Top 10 wedding photo booth props

photo booth prop table

  1. Custom wedding sunglasses. The styles and colors are endless! Choose a hue that matches your wedding colors and theme. Order custom wedding sunglasses in bulk and use them as favors, too!
  2. Face photo sticks. Gotta love those larger-than-life red lips and curly mustaches.
  3. Picture frames. The sky’s the limit for the type and size of frames to use for headshots or full-body photos.
  4. Head candy. Cowboy hats, tiaras, Playboy Bunny ears … you get the picture.
  5. Signs or speech bubbles. Display favorite messages on a stick such as “I do” and “I’m here for the beer.”
  6. Celebration flags. Wave cute pennants with happy thoughts such as “Best Day Ever!”
  7. Eye masks. Everyone will want this mysterious, romantic look.
  8. Beads. It wouldn’t be a party without layers of Mardi Gras beaded necklaces.
  9. Feather boas. Need. I. Say. More?
  10. Seating. Place at least one interesting chair or stool in your photo booth to accommodate very tall or very short people or add extra flare to group shots.

Most of these props can be found at discount stores and are very reasonably priced in bulk quantities online. If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider splitting the cost with a friend or relative who also is planning a wedding photo booth.

Totally Wedding Koozies can help you create a customized banner with your names and wedding date or themed design to use as a beautiful backdrop.

Making memories is a snap with wedding photo booth props!

Of all the wedding trends I’ve seen come and go, photo booths are one of my favs. Maybe it’s my love of photography, but I really don’t think you can take enough pictures at a wedding.

Outdoor Photo Booth

Writing this blog brought back memories of my nephew’s outdoor wedding a few years ago. The temperature was nearing 90 in the shade when the photographer asked us to grab some wedding photo booth props and “have some fun.”

As our all-female group fumbled through funny hats and eye masks, I felt like a kid again. We giggled. We belly-laughed and we had a blast. It’s one of my best family memories. In the end, we had photos we will treasure for a lifetime.

Grab your favorite props and smile!

Use this list of wedding photo booth props to create your own great memories! Shop at Totally Wedding Koozies for inspiration and great deals.

Do you have great wedding photo booth tips? Feel free to share your ideas and overall experience in the comment section below!

Cheers to personalized wedding cups!

Shelley Grieshop is a former newspaper journalist who earned more than a dozen Associated Press awards for her in-depth research and writing skills. In May 2016, she joined Totally Promotional as a creative writer. She currently writes company blogs about branding, marketing, logos, wedding planning and much more. One of her life goals is to teach people when to use hyphens and apostrophes.


  1. I like your suggestion to use props found at discount stores or purchased in bulk to save us money. My fiance and I like the idea of renting a photo booth for our wedding reception this July so we can make sure it’s memorable for all of our guests. Thanks for sharing this article and sharing these tips we can use to create a memorable experience with a reasonable budget!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Rebecca! It sounds like you and your fiance are on the right track. I’ve been to several weddings where they offered photo booths and they were a ton of fun! People of all ages enjoyed them. It made such great memories. One couple used our customized sunglasses as a prop that guests could then take home. That was well received!

      Good luck with your wedding plans and pre-congrats!

      Shelley Grieshop
      Totally Promotional

    • Thanks Tham Pin for your kind comment! We appreciate your visit to our website and hope you come back again soon!

      Shelley Grieshop
      Totally Promotional

  2. Hi Shelley! Great post here.. I do agree with those top 10 suggestions. The feathered boas can be real messy at events. Did you know there are featherless boas that don’t make a mess?! They are pretty awesome..

    We are a photo booth manufacture and photo booth rental company in Southern California. I have actually designed some hard plastic photo booth props you might be interested in. Maybe you can write about them in a future blog post.

    Love the site! Take care..

    • Thanks Mark! I really appreciate the kind words. It looks like you have quite a nice business going! Photo booths are very popular at weddings and many other events. I will definitely keep you in mind when writing future posts about the addition of photo booths for many types of celebrations.


      Shelley Grieshop
      Totally Promotional

  3. The seating coming in at number 10 is a darkhorse pick. It really can make the photo stand out from many of the traditional photos, especially if it highlights a specific family member, be it the bride, groom, grandparent, etc. It really is a great prop to make the photo memorable. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Mark, for the comment! I agree that various types of seating can help focus on a specific individual in the photo. I think it can also be intriguing if shot appropriately.

      Thanks again for your input and visiting our Totally Inspired blog. Let us know if we can help you with wedding ideas or other promotional needs!

      Shelley Grieshop
      Creative Writer
      Totally Promotional

    • Thanks for visiting our blog! If there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.

      Shelley Grieshop, Creative Writer

  4. I really like the idea of getting sunglasses that match your wedding colors for a photo booth. My fiance is thinking about ordering some wedding photo booths for our reception because he wants it to be fun for our guests. It would be really fun and cute to have sunglasses they can use as props that match our colors.

    • Hi Hannah! Yes, sunglasses have become one of the most popular wedding favors out there today. They seem to break the ice and jumpstart the fun. I believe it would be a great choice to use them in your photo booth! We have many styles and colors to choose from at https://www.totallypromotional.com/wedding-favors-and-reception/wedding-sunglasses.html. We would love to hear back from you and see images of the photo booth at your wedding! We feel blessed when we can help make a couple’s wedding the special time it is meant to be! Let us know if you need any help or have questions. Thanks!

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