What are the best colors for marketing your business?

what are the best colors for marketing your business?

Your brand colors can draw customers in or turn them away. So finding the right hues for your logo or promotional products is crucial to your bottom line.

How colors influence and impact people is a science that’s been studied since the 1600s. Our reactions to certain colors are often linked to our experiences and culture. It can be subjective; not everyone agrees that blue signifies loyalty or that pink promotes kindness.

But color psychology is real. It’s a known fact that warm colors like red and cold tones like blue evoke emotions, behavior and mood. That’s why it’s important to use a color psychology chart in your marketing strategy.

color psychology chart

Color Psychology Chart

Select appropriate colors for your business logo or branding tools by first reviewing your brand voice, mission statement and/or company culture. Next, find the colors below that closely describe who you are, what you do and the values your organization holds dear.


  • Compassion, sweetness, sincerity, friendliness, kindness, romance


  • Passion, love, excitement, leadership, energy, dominance


  • Enthusiasm, attention, freedom, tolerance, success, bravery


  • Brightness, energy, complex, cheerful, optimism, happiness


  • Healing, freshness, safety, lucky, warming, calming


  • Productivity, trust, loyalty, stability, serenity, sincerity


  • Luxury, ambition, royalty, idealism, imagination, mysterious


  • Clean, honest, unity, peace, fresh, simplicity


  • Security, strength, comfort, reliability, dependability, rugged


  • Sophistication, elegance, power, formal, security, dramatic

Talk to the experts about colors for branding

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Our team of graphic designers will gladly review and give advice on the colors you’ve chosen for your promotional products. The Totally Promotional team knows which colors coordinate and contrast well. Their knowledge and experience will help make your business shine and bring the exposure you need.

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