Personalized wristbands for events are a familiar sight these days at festivals, concerts and football games.

The reason why? Custom wristbands help events run smoother and safer at very little cost.

Wristbands are often used at events to identify VIPs and others with security clearances. Event organizers also rely on color-coded, rubber wristbands to track the location of fans, guests and trade show visitors. They are even used as souvenirs at tourist attractions and high-profile events.

Want to know how wristbands can make your event or business a success? Let’s take a look at the different types of wristbands and how they can be used.

What are the different types of wristbands for events?

Wristbands for events are constructed with materials such as silicone and Tyvek® for long-lasting durability. Totally Promotional has wristbands made with more than a dozen different materials to satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

Here are the most popular wristband materials:

Silicone wristbands

navy customized silicone wristbands

The most common type of wristband is made with silicone. Silicone bracelets are flexible, yet durable and very comfortable to wear. They are perfect for long-term use and can be worn in any weather condition.

Top-selling silicone wristbands:

Double-Colored Silicone Bracelet with engraved imprint. This wristband features nearly two dozen color combinations, a laser-engraved imprint and a slim design (1/3 of an inch in height).

Single-Color Silicone Bracelet with engraved imprint. Our bestselling wristband is available in more than a dozen solid colors. It’s also waterproof and comfortably lightweight.

1″ Silicone Bracelet with engraved imprint. The eye-catching height (5/8 inches) of this bracelet provides a large imprint area for logos and awareness messages. The two-tone colors on this custom wristband lead with style.

Best uses for silicone wristbands:

  • Fundraising: Customize each wristband with your organization’s logo and hand them out to donors.
  • Awareness drive: Place a catchy awareness phrase on each wristband and distribute them at community events.
  • Trade shows: Have your business name and website printed in vivid colors on your wristbands for effective branding.
  • Business launch: Keep these wristbands handy for open house guests. They also make great promotional giveaways in your lobby.
  • Security staff: Identify security personnel at your business, organization or special event with easy-to-wear wristbands.

Polyester wristbands

custom yellow polyester wristband

Polyester wristbands are a bit more stretchy and stylish than silicone wristbands. Their water-resistant quality makes them a great choice for outdoor events such as festivals and concerts where guests might get sweaty or wet.

Top-selling polyester wristbands:

3/4″ Elastic Wristband. This baby has style! Wear it around your wrist or as a hair tie when your locks need tamed. The texture and large imprint area on the front make this a popular choice for gymnastics and swim events.

Large Wristband with full-color imprint. This dye-sublimated beauty has a sleek look that makes any logo or message stand out. It’s lightweight, tear-resistant and offers a hook-and-loop Velcro closure to keep it secure.

1/2″ Wristband With Locking Slider with full-color imprint. The convenient lock-on slider makes these promotional bracelets unique. Have your logo or name printed on both sides of these wristbands for extra exposure.

Best uses for polyester wristbands:

  • Sporting events: Rally your team by handing fans wristbands printed with their school mascot.
  • Concerts: Give VIPs, security staff and special guests uniquely designed wristbands to enter limited-access areas.
  • Festivals: Use customized wristbands instead of ride or show tickets.
  • Cruises: Hand out color-coded wristbands that help guests locate their cabins or specific areas on the ship.

Elastic wristbands

elastic custom cloth wristband

Form-fitting is the best way to describe the flexibility of elastic wristbands. No closures to worry about; just slip them on!

Top-selling elastic wristbands:

1/2″ Elastic Stretchy Bracelet with full-color imprint. The durable elastic material in this stretchy wristband will give your logo long-lasting branding power. Lightweight, flexible and slim are the key qualities of this winner!

Small Wristband with full-color imprint. Attendees with smaller wrists will appreciate this bracelet with a VELCRO® Brand hook and loop closure. Your full-color logo or event name will score plenty of attention on the spacious imprint area.

3/4″ Fold-Over Wristband with full-color imprint. Is it a bracelet or a hair tie? It’s both! The fold-over style makes this a full-blown wardrobe accessory. Your multi-colored artwork will look fantastic on this bracelet.

Best uses for elastic wristbands:

  • Group membership: Give wristbands printed with your club or organization’s name to all new members.
  • 5K running/walking events: Place wristbands in sign-up packets as a thank-you gift to participants.
  • Ticket alternative: Hand out wristbands instead of tickets as an eco-friendly decision.
  • Disability assistance: Select a wristband engraved with your name, slogan or message for children and adults who are visually challenged.

Paper wristbands

red and white custom tyvek wristband

Paper wristbands are the most affordable option when budgets are tight. They are less expensive than other types of wristbands and can be disposed of after use. Customized paper wristbands are perfect for one-time events or short-term uses.

1″ Tyvek® Wristband. These waterproof and tamper-resistant wristbands keep all outdoor activities organized. You’ll also get plenty of imprint space to brand your business!

3/4″ Tyveck® Wristband. Sweat and drenching rains are no match for this low-profile, comfortable wristband.

Best uses for paper wristbands:

  • Night clubs: Choose specific colored wristbands for customers above and below age 21.
  • Amusement parks: Give each visitor a wristband in a certain color or style, based on the ticket they purchased.
  • School trips: Require students to wear wristbands printed with their school name for identification and tracking on field trips.

Plastic bracelets, leather bracelets and other wristbands for events!

various personalized wristband gif

It’s easy to find the perfect wristband with more than a dozen types of materials at your fingertips. Use the filter on our wristband page to browse hundreds of styles in Tyvek®, silicone, plastic, cloth and more!

Select the wristband material that provides the most comfort, style and security for your event, campaign or promotion.

What are the advantages of using wristbands?

Personalized wristbands and event bracelets offer a number of advantages over other forms of identification:

  • Rubber bracelets and wristbands are more comfortable to wear than badges or ID cards.
  • Wristbands cannot be lost as easily as ID cards since they are worn on the wrist.
  • Customized wristbands offer a high level of security since they cannot be duplicated.
  • Wristbands are more customizable than ID cards. You can add text, logos or other designs to wristbands to make them unique to your event.
  • Wristbands are less expensive than ID cards and can be reused multiple times.

How can I customize wristbands for my event?

order details for customized wristbands at Totally Promotional

Customizing wristbands takes very little time with the step-by-step process at Totally Promotional.

Start by choosing the type of wristband you need based on the information I’ve provided. If you’re still not sure which type of material to order, please request a sample. We want to make sure your wristbands are perfect!

You’ll be asked for a quantity and your ZIP code. You can choose standard production and delivery or rush options. Next, tell us what product and imprint color(s) will work best for you. Most customers choose colors that match their business, organization, awareness campaign or event theme.

Now it’s time to upload your logo, design and/or text to us. Too busy right now? That’s OK. You can email it later. Either way you’ll receive a digital mockup of your design to review. After you approve the mockup, we’ll get busy making your unique wristbands!

Wristbands are essential for many types of events

No matter what type of event you are planning, wristbands can be a useful and affordable solution for identification, monitoring, awareness and security.

Our professional sales representatives, graphic designers and printers at Totally Promotional have helped customers just like you select wristbands for all types of events. Let us put our three decades of experience to work for you!

If you have any questions about custom wristbands, please contact us today. We would be happy to help you choose the right wristband for your needs.

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