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What to do when coronavirus postpones your wedding

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Couples need to take action if they intend to postpone their wedding this year due to coronavirus.

The nasty COVID-19 virus has prompted the cancellation of numerous events where large groups of people were slated to congregate. The White House and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently advised the public to avoid social gatherings with more than 10 people to reduce the spread of the virus.

Weddings are one of the coronavirus casualties. Couples across the globe have already regretfully delayed their vows and celebrations in the best interest of their guests. But the idea of postponing a wedding with more than 100 friends and family members can be daunting.

Steps to postpone a wedding

rescheduling your wedding

As heartbreaking as it is, engaged couples need to quickly let guests, vendors and venues know about their decision to delay their wedding and make alternate plans.

Here are a few tips from wedding experts:

Cancel and reschedule your wedding

Lauren LaBelle of The Knot recommends contacting your vendors right away to work out a plan.

“Couples can work with their vendors to find a common date in the future, which could help save lost costs for both the couple and the vendors,” she said. “Their wedding pros should be understanding of their decision and can help provide additional guidance on next steps, from securing a future date to contacting guests.”

Jason Romer of Romer’s Catering & Entertainment Facilities in St. Henry, Ohio, suggests rebooking with a business that will handle various wedding tasks for you.

“Since it will be really tough to reschedule all the different vendors for the same day, it would be best to find a company that can be a one-stop-shop and take care of your food, decorations, DJ, etc.,” Romer explained.

Take a deep breath. You don’t have to set a new wedding date right away. But it is important to cancel your current wedding plans in a timely manner.

Try a different wedding plan approach

No one knows when large gatherings will again be safe or allowed as the battle against coronavirus continues. Romer suggests planning a small ceremony now and a big party later.

“Since a Saturday reschedule may be hard to find, treat it like a popular destination wedding,” he said. “Couples can have a very small, private ceremony now and then a large reception a month or two later with all their friends and family.”

These unusual destination weddings seem to be much less stressful and more relaxing than working everything into one day, Romer said.

Let guests know the wedding is postponed

LaBelle of The Knot suggests being as thoughtful as possible when notifying guests about your decision to delay your wedding.

“It’s important to keep guests informed in a timely manner,” she said. “Couples should be supportive and offer any assistance to guests where they can.”

LaBelle said the easiest and simplest method of contacting wedding guests is through the couple’s wedding site, such as those offered by The Knot. Keep the message brief, she added.

“A simple message that’s to the point is best,” LaBelle said.

She also recommends creating a list of FAQs if you think guests may have similar questions regarding travel refunds, your new wedding date or other issues.

Other communication options include sending guests emails or making phone calls. If you choose the latter, LaBelle suggests splitting the guest list among you, your partner and close friends or family.

Help your guests with hotel bookings

If you reserved a block of room for guests, ask hotel management for a full or partial refund for those with reservations. Relay the information you receive to guests as soon as possible.

Read through all vendor contracts

Make sure you know exactly what you agreed to when you hired that photographer, florist or cook. Read the contracts you signed before contacting them so you are aware of what your options are for full or partial refunds, LaBelle noted.

“Consult a lawyer if necessary,” she said.

One of the most important contract clauses deals with “force majeure,” which may relieve vendors from performing contractual obligations due to circumstances beyond their control, LaBelle said.

“This clause is contract specific and subject to interpretation, but a lawyer will be able to answer any questions,” she added.

Also, be aware that many airlines and hotels are offering full refunds to customers whose travel plans have been impacted by the coronavirus. Some are willing to reschedule to later dates without adding fees, despite the terms in the contract, according to WeddingNews by The Knot. This is also good news for brides and grooms who need to reschedule long-distance honeymoon plans.

Seek help to handle stress

Your big day isn’t going to happen as planned and that’s tough to handle. You have a right to feel sad and overwhelmed right now. But don’t let it get the best of you.

“It’s OK for couples to feel disappointed or upset, and to acknowledge their feelings and understand they are valid,” LaBelle said.

She encourages couples to voice their concerns to their wedding planner, partner or close friend who can help with the coping process. The wedding experts at The Knot also are available to help at 833-998-2865 and

If you’ve ordered guest favors or wedding reception supplies from Totally Promotional, let your account representative know if you’d like to change your production or delivery dates.

Make good choices to keep everyone safe

More news about the coronavirus pandemic arrives every hour, making it difficult to make decisions about our future. But one thing is certain: No one wants to put the lives of themselves or loved ones at risk.

If you’ve decided not to delay your wedding plans, be sure to follow all the latest guidelines by the CDC and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

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    Chelsea Rose
    May 27, 2020 at 12:10 pm

    We had to postpone our June 6, 2020 wedding to August 22, 2020. I have already purchased koozies from you. I am just wondering if you are offering any sort of discount for new koozies. Thank you

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      Totally Promotional
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      Hey Chelsea!

      I’m so sorry you had to postpone your wedding. My heart goes out to you! We are offering a discount to wonderful customers like you. Please go to our Place A Ticket page:
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      Thank you for ordering with us. I’m sure your wedding will be wonderful! Congrats!

      Shelley Grieshop
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    Linda Schwisow
    May 13, 2020 at 7:46 am

    Hi my sons wedding was suppose to be May 23: We have hundred of kookiest with that date- it is now going to be Oct 23. Are you offering any deals yo try and re order? Or ca we take a sharpie and change the date ourselves, do yo think it would stay on? Damm virus.. please let me know. Thanks . Linsa

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      Totally Promotional
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      Hello Linda! Thanks for reaching out to us. I’m so sorry to hear your son’s wedding was postponed. We are offering a discount to customers such as you. Please go to our Place A Ticket page:

      Fill out the form and a member of our customer service team will contact you shortly.

      Again, I’m so sorry this happened to your son and family. The COVID-19 virus has created a lot of heartache for many.
      I’m sure your son’s wedding day in October will be wonderful! Congratulations!

      Shelley Grieshop
      Totally Promotional

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    Jen Walker
    May 6, 2020 at 1:09 pm

    We had my daughters wedding scheduled for March 28, 2020 and had to postpone til July 3, 2020. We purchased our cups and koozies from you. Just wondering if you are offering a discount on items we have to reorder. Thank you for your input.

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