Which states have the most craft breweries for suds-lovers?

which states have the most craft breweries

Craft breweries are popping up everywhere and pumping billions of dollars into the U.S. economy each year.

Many cities and states are competing for the title of “most craft breweries.” They know a cluster of breweries in one area can easily become a “beercation” destination. Hopheads will infuse the economy by spending money on suds, branded beer glasses, hotels and gasoline.

States with the most craft breweries

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Planning a craft brewery road trip? Based on overall numbers, these 10 states should dominate your GPS, according to the most recent data from the Brewers Association:

  • 1st place: California with 958 craft breweries
    Fun Fact: The Golden State produces 3.3 million barrels of craft beer per year.
  • 2nd place: New York with 460 craft breweries
  • 3rd place: Pennsylvania with 444 craft breweries
  • 4th place: Colorado with 433 craft breweries
    Fun Fact: The state’s oldest craft brewery is the Wynkoop Brewing Company of Denver, founded in 1988.
  • 5th place: Washington with 428 craft breweries
  • 6th place: Michigan with 398 craft breweries
  • 7th place: Florida with 368 craft breweries
    Fun Fact: Just 10 years ago the Sunshine State had only 45 craft breweries.
  • 8th place: Texas with 364 craft breweries
  • 9th place: North Carolina with 359 craft breweries
  • 10th place: Ohio with 339 craft breweries

Which states have the most craft breweries per capita?

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Now let’s take a look at the top 10 states based on breweries per capita per 100,000 adults, 21 and over:

  • 1st place: Vermont with 15.4 craft breweries per capita
  • 2nd place: Maine with 12.9 craft breweries per capita
    Fun Fact: The D.L. Geary Brewing Co. in Portland was the first brewery to open east of the Mississippi after Prohibition ended in 1933.
  • 3rd place: Montana with 12.4 craft breweries per capita
  • 4th place: Wyoming with 10.2 craft breweries per capita
    Fun Fact: The state’s craft beer pioneer, the Otto Brothers Brewing Co., introduced the growler in 1989.
  • 5th and 6th place: Tie between Alaska and Colorado with 10 craft breweries each per capita
  • 7th place: Oregon with 9.6 craft breweries per capita
  • 8th place: New Hampshire with 8.8 craft breweries per capita
  • 9th place: Washington with 7.5 craft breweries per capita
  • 10th place: New Mexico with 6.5 craft breweries per capita
    Fun Fact: The biggest concentration of craft breweries in the Land of Enchantment is in Albuquerque.

Find out where your state ranks for craft breweries!

Totally Promotional is headquartered in Ohio, which proudly ranks 10th overall for its many craft breweries. We are living proof that a majority of Americans live within 10 miles of an independent brewery. We currently have five craft breweries in a 25-mile radius of our business; our closest is about a quarter-mile away.

Be unique to compete as a craft brewer

design your own beer glasses and coasters with your logo

With so many craft breweries opening and operating in close proximity, how do they compete? The secret is being unique and showcasing who you are. The beer sommeliers in our area name their lagers and ales after a theme that highlights their individuality, community and/or values. That’s how you create a brand, folks.

Stay unique by placing your logo or eye-catching design on pint glasses, coasters and napkins for customers. Print your brand big and bold on the sign that draws customers to your door. Your one-of-a-kind logo should also be the first thing your social media followers see when they’re looking for your “brew of the week.”

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