Be the hero and save your crew from tepid drinks with metal koozies®.

Metal can coolers are the secret to keeping beer and other drinks chilled for extended hours.

Metal koozies are all the rage right now. Their high performance as a can cooler makes them a leading promotional product for 2023. But just as notable is their impressive, high-end look. One of the most popular, eye-catching styles on the market is the 20 oz. Asobu® Multi Can Cooler.

Metal beer coozies are an excellent addition to any promotional marketing plan. Keep reading to learn more about these brand-new can coolers at Totally Promotional.

Why metal koozies are so popular

foam neoprene and metal koozie comparison

Most people are familiar with foam and neoprene can coolers for keeping drinks cold. They are standard drink holders that certainly do the job!

But in a world of stiff competition, businesses are looking for ways to stand out. Custom metal can coolers are the solution. They are excellent at attracting attention and increasing branding opportunities.

Insulated can coolers are actually made of metal — usually stainless steel — giving them a tough exterior that is hard to scratch or damage. They look good even after years of use. That means your company logo, design or message will continue advertising your brand much longer than traditional means.

Another reason why metal koozies® are so trendy? Discreet drinking. Cans and bottles are mostly hidden when hugged by these attractive, metal coolers.

Do stainless steel can coolers work?

Looking good for an extended period of time is a great quality for a can cooler. But let’s face it: A great-looking product is worthless if it doesn’t function properly. Totally Promotional’s sleek line of metal can coolers live up to the hype!

Our stainless steel can coolers offer double-wall insulation and stainless-steel construction inside and out. When you sell these to tourists you can be sure they’re getting bottle and can huggers that deliver ice-cold drinks with sweat-proof technology.

Browse our selection of metal can coolers in a variety of colors with special features. You’ll find a style, color and price range to fit any budget.

Special features of metal koozies

12 oz asobu frosty beer 2 go metal can cooler displaying unique features

Each of the metal koozies at Totally Promotional has unique features. Some are specifically made to hug bottles or beer glasses. Others are designed to handle all types of cups, cans and bottles. Several have really cool attributes that make them extraordinary.

Here are a few of the metal can coolers with their special features:

The best part is that each of these incredible can coolers offers superior performance for keeping your drinks colder for longer. It’s like having a thermos for every drink without the bulkiness.

Popular brand-name metal koozies

Totally Promotional is committed to bringing customers high-quality promotional products. As you browse our new metal can coolers, you may notice familiar names.

We currently carry the following brand-name metal koozies®:

  • Asobu®
  • Elemental®
  • Koozie®
  • Columbia®
  • Coleman®
  • Sic®
  • NAYAD®
  • Tritan™
  • UpCycle™
  • HidrateSpark®
  • Elemental®
  • h2go®
  • PolySure™

All of these brands are top names in the business. Each offers great looks, durability and reliability when it comes to keeping your drinks chilled. We take pride in offering top-of-the-line brand names you’ve come to trust.

Our list of brand-name metal koozies is sure to grow, so check back frequently!

Who needs stainless steel can coolers?

woman holding a custom 12 oz elemental slim can coolers B

People of all ages can benefit from personalized metal can coolers. Some businesses, industries and organizations are effectively branding themselves by using stainless steel koozies® in their marketing plan.

Metal koozies make trendy gifts of appreciation at holidays or any time of year. Couples order them as special gifts for their wedding parties. Stainless steel can coolers also serve as fantastic employee gifts.

Here are a few ways custom stainless steel koozies® can be used and/or sold:

  • Campground stores
  • Tourist souvenirs
  • Golf course gift shops
  • Amusement parks
  • Patio parties
  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • Tailgating/BBQs
  • Beach vacations
  • Cruise ships
  • Vacation resorts

Providing or selling these insulated beverage holders is an easy way for businesses to maintain cold drinks for customers in outdoor settings.

Handing out metal can coolers as promotional items helps drive business visibility and recognition in an organic way. Businesses stand to capitalize from catering to the beverage needs of their customers with custom metal koozies®.

Join the metal can cooler trend

customized metal koozies and can coolers

You’ll discover countless branding possibilities when investing in custom metal can coolers for large or small businesses.

It’s clear why metal koozies are so popular in today’s society. Customers want stylish drink holders to carry their favorite beverages. They also want the benefit of keeping their adult beverages and other drinks colder than traditional beverage containers.

Place your metal koozies® order today!

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