Looking for promotional items that will score big points? Custom sports stress balls are hot items that will get you noticed without sinking your budget.

Mini relief sports balls are the latest trend in marketing tools for businesses, schools and professional sports teams. Throw them to loyal fans at games, give them to new students as ice breakers, or pass them out at community celebrations. The sporty shapes of personalized soccer balls and hockey pucks draw attention to your custom-printed design.

But wait! Stress relief gifts shaped like sports balls are more than valuable promotional items. They also relieve everyday stress and tension with just a squeeze. That’s a double win!

The branding power of stress balls for sports

customizable football stress ball

Sports-themed stress balls are a great way to increase brand recognition, whether you’re a startup or celebrating your 30th year in business. Here are a few reasons why these are genius marketing tools:

  • Fun to handle
  • Easy to transport and display
  • Low cost
  • Long-lasting
  • No maintenance
  • Lots of colors, styles and shapes to match branding needs
  • One-third of Americans are avid sports fans

The printing experts at Totally Promotional are ready to print your sports team logo, company tagline or other promotional message on high-quality squish balls to increase exposure to your brand. Studies show that promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising.

Sports stress balls make it easy to reach large audiences and leave lasting impressions. They are rarely refused and recipients keep them for months or years. That’s an incredible amount of advertising for such a small investment.

Using these fun-shaped balls as branded merchandise is a winning strategy for any sports team, business or organization looking to build their fan or customer base.

Are sports stress balls healthy?

person squishing a customizable soccer ball

Although there isn’t sufficient data on the mental health benefits of stress balls, they are known to calm and distract from distress. Sports stress balls are used to manage anxiety and tension, making them ideal for people who work in high-pressure environments.

Mini squeeze balls are sometimes carried around as reminders to focus. Office managers might consider giving them to employees to help regulate emotions. This can lead to higher productivity and improved morale.

Foam stress balls are often used in rehabilitation after sports injuries. Some doctors instruct patients recovering from hand injuries to squeeze the foam balls intermittently as physical therapy. They’ve also been credited with strengthening muscles, relieving the pain of arthritis and improving blood circulation.

Stress balls help with fine motor skills and general relaxation, too, which is why many sports academies and sports therapists recommend their use for athletes.

Stress balls are low-cost champions

Squeezable sports balls printed with your logo or mascot cost less than $1 each. Most styles include free print setup and some of the most popular sport-themed stress balls have free delivery. That makes these promotional items an incredible value!

The vast majority of our stress balls have minimum order quantities of 150. However, you can order just 12 of our bestselling Standard Football Stress Balls and Soccer Stress Balls.

8 most popular sports-themed stress balls

variety of different custom sports stress balls

Apparently, there are more than 800 different types of sports played around the globe! Totally Promotional doesn’t have sport stress balls for all of them, but we do have quite a few.

Here are the top eight for your promotional marketing plan:

Totally Promotional also offers stress balls for bowling, boxing, surfing and other activities. Each of these captures the spirit and energy of the activity. The sporty shapes make everyone feel like an athlete!

We also have general fitness stress balls such as our Dumbbell Stress Reliever and the incredibly cute Muscle Man Stress Reliever.

Take a look at our other stress ball categories:

Browse them all to find the stress balls that fit your business or marketing strategy!

How to use sports stress balls for branding

various custom sports stress balls in a bucket

The size, style and color options for sports-themed stress balls give you plenty of marketing opportunities. Here are a few ideas on how to use these customized promotional items as bulk giveaways and gifts:

  • Give to students as rewards
  • Toss out at games to rally fans
  • Hand out at parades
  • Award outstanding athletes
  • Give to fitness members who achieve goals
  • Stock at nursing homes for rehab
  • Use as swag in branded tote bags for new employees
  • Keep in the lobby of your business to give visitors

These trendy promotional products give you endless ways to boost your visibility. Place your company logo, website or inspirational quote on any of these sports stress balls and start reaping the benefits!

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