Wondering how to get the most out of your event booth? Need more visible signage to attract customers? Tabletop banners may be just what you need!

Table banners are cost-effective for businesses big and small to get their message across in style. They create a lasting impression that sticks with people and puts your brand in a positive light.

In this blog post we’ll explain what makes tabletop signs the product for you!

What is a tabletop banner?

custom tabletop retractable banner for a software company

A custom retractable tabletop banner is a promotional tool that typically is placed on a table or counter. It can be combined with floor-length banner stands, table covers and other promotional items to boost your brand.

A tabletop banner is often used to explain products or services offered by a business. It also can give details or more easily show a process that might otherwise be difficult to explain.

Restaurants and other retail food and beverage businesses use tabletop retractable banners to showcase their hours or new menu items.

Table banners at Totally Promotional are made with vinyl, a mix of vinyl and aluminum, and polyester.

Why you need tabletop banners

personalized tabletop banner for a music therapy service

Tabletop banners are essential tools for trade show vendors. The average trade show budget fell from $1.25 million in 2020 to $805,223 in 2022. That means it’s more important than ever to find effective products such as table banners to attract attendees.

Here are more reasons to use tabletop banners for trade shows, businesses and schools:


vibrant full-color retractable tabletop banner

Tabletop banners are highly visible items for events and everyday advertising. Our 36-in. Table Top Banner Stand Ultra is the perfect size to draw eyes. This tabletop pullup banner comes preassembled so it’s always ready to go when you are.

Table banners at Totally Promotional are offered in more than two dozen product colors. Each is printed in full color to make a big impression wherever they are shown.

Check out our page on designing a banner stand like a pro to make impressive stands for job fairs, presentations and more.


affordable tabletop retractable banner personalized

Depending on the size you choose, you can get a tabletop stand for less than $45! The savings leaves extra room in your budget for additional promotional products.

Our most affordable banner is our Letter Size Table Top Retractable Banner Stand. It is the best size for tables, counters and desks or wherever space is limited.


wide tabletop banner customized with full color image

Since our tabletop banners are made with high-quality materials, you’ll be able to use them over and over again! Keep them on the reception desk at your business or bring them with you to shows, conferences and other presentations.

Our 48-in. Table Top Banner Stand Ultra is a high-quality product you can use for years. Each one is made with durable vinyl and aluminum.

Need to change up your text or design for another event? We have replacement banners for many of our styles to save you money.

Easy setup

tabletop banner advertising a sale for an outdoors store

Our custom tabletop retractable banners are simple to operate. To set one up, simply assemble the pole, insert it into the back of the stand and pull the banner up to attach it to the pole.

Our Tabloid Size Table Top Retractable Banner Stand is an excellent size for quick assembly wherever you are. It is made of sturdy polyester with an aluminum base.


tall tabletop retractable banner promoting a grand opening

Since tabletop banners retract into sturdy stands, you can transport them safely. They are ideal for taking along on presentation tours and conferences. The lightweight design makes them easy to carry across convention floors or other great distances.

The slim design of our 24-in. Table Top Banner Stand Economy is ideal for travel. The vinyl option has a gray backing to block light from the back. Your audience will see your design no matter where your table is in a room!

Free carrying bag

free carrying case for retractable banners

We include a free carrying bag with the purchase of every retractable tabletop banners! These cases are durable and help you keep track of your stand. They also help you keep your banners clean and safe when stored.

Looking for a replacement bag or part? Check out our hardware and accessories category! You’ll save money versus buying a new tabletop sign.

Tabletop banners with trade show packages

customized trade show package featuring retractable banners and a customized table cloth

Some of our trade show packages include tabletop display banners. These all-in-one packages make it easy to get everything you need at once. Trade show packages at Totally Promotional also save you money with bundle pricing.

For example, our Dynamic Trade Show Package comes with a 33 ½-inch retractable banner stand, a 6-foot or 8-foot front panel table cover and a 24-inch tabletop retractable banner stand. You get all this at a low price so you can stick to your budget.

attract attention to your booth with custom table covers

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