Zoom shirt sayings for office staff are a growing fashion trend for the work-from-home crowd. Boost morale by giving each remote worker a T-shirt with a wacky Zoom phrase to wear during video calls.

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25 fun Zoom shirt sayings

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Now for the fun part! Select your favorite Zoom T-shirt saying for employees or any group that could use a laugh during video calls.

  1. “We can virtually do anything!”
  2. “Hey Zoomies!”
  3. “You’re on mute”
  4. “Zoom University Alumni”
  5. “Yes, this is my Zoom shirt”
  6. “Probably not wearing pants”
  7. “Sorry about the _____ (dog, kid)”
  8. “Doom without Zoom”
  9. “What day is it?”
  10. “Sorry, I was on mute”
  11. “It’s casual Friday again”
  12. “Rockin’ my PJ pants!”
  13. “Webinar? I thought you said wine bar.”
  14. “QuaranTeam”
  15. “How’s this for social distancing?”
  16. “Oops! Thought I was on mute”
  17. “Who are you people?”
  18. “Now, what do you want? jk”
  19. “I’ve seen this show before …”
  20. “When the coffee is gone, the meeting is over”
  21. “We be brainstorming!”
  22. “Who just woke up?”
  23. “No, I don’t want to see your cat”
  24. “When’s Happy Hour?”
  25. “Excuse the flying Nerf darts”

Customize tees with your own sayings!

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