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Africa is hands-down the poorest continent on earth and half its population is children. Most of these youngsters live in dire conditions and often don't know when they'll get their next meal.

But thanks to members of the U.S. Army, some African children and families are getting a helping hand. One of these compassionate soldiers is a former employee of He and other servicemen and women distribute candy, school supplies and shoes to the children in the villages.

“You see many of these kids walking around barefoot over stones and rock, and their soles are as thick as shoes,” said the local soldier, who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons. “My family has sent over a couple dozen (shoes) and we have passed them out at times.”

Doing our part recently shipped bags and large plastic cups to the region to be distributed to the children. Several soldiers filled the bags with our cups and other items before handing them out. The bags can be used by the children to carry school supplies, he added.

“The cups come in handy because they just reuse and reuse old, plastic water bottles that just look terribly dirty,” he said.

Learning to live with so little

The children in these poor African villages often surprise him by their actions. A few months ago he watched two kids reach under an Army vehicle and pick up a discarded apple core. They wiped it off, split it in two and ate it, he said.

“I gave them a little money after they 'shined my shoes' and they ran to this little shop. I assumed they were going to buy candy like (typical) U.S. kids, but they bought more shoe polish to be able to work and earn more money,” he explained.

We salute you! is proud of the humanitarian efforts being made by all of our U.S. military men and women overseas and at home. We thank you for your service!

Totally Giving Back is a program supported by and its staff to help individuals and groups in need. We believe it is important to give back to our local communities and spread hope to others around the world.

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