Promotional Wet Wipes

Cleaning wipes and antibacterial wipes are practical giveaways your customers will use every day. Hand out disinfectant wipes with your logo at trade shows to make a positive impression on clients. Travel wipes are essential for keeping hands and surfaces clean at school, the office or when dining out. Bulk sanitizing wipes will disappear quickly at health fairs while giving your company affordable name exposure. Select wet wipes in colors and styles that match your company theme!

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Custom Wet Wipes & Antibacterial Wipes

Fight off bacteria and the competition with custom-branded antibacterial wipes! Custom cleaning wipes are essential promotional tools for gas stations, daycare centers, doctor’s offices and movie theaters.

Use these personalized disinfectant wipes to wipe down counters at catering events or sanitize employees’ keyboards. Your customers will see your brand every time they grab a wipe!

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Antibacterial Wipes FAQs

Are custom-branded cleaning wipes affordable?

Disinfectant wipes are available for as low as 28 cents each! Your price depends on the style and quantity you need for your promotional event.

What is the minimum order quantity of antibacterial wipes?

The minimum order requirement for several of our custom wipes styles is 50. Check the product information for more details.

Will my custom hand sanitizing wipes expire?

Yes. Hand sanitizing wipes are generally effective one to two years after the manufacturer's date.

Can you flush hand wipes?

Cleaning wipes are not flushable products. Although sanitizing wipes will eventually break down, these wipes can clog and back up your sewage system. Avoid these clogs by disposing of your hand sanitizing wipes in the trash.

How do I order personalized disinfectant wipes?

Begin the order by entering the quantity, production/delivery time and ZIP code for your custom-branded antibacterial wipes. Next, you’ll be prompted to select a product and imprint color. If you’d like to add artwork, you can upload your design, describe your idea to our team of graphic artists or email us. After approving your free digital mockup, we’ll create and send your products to you.

Options for Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Provide customers with custom antibacterial wipes in various styles, sizes and colors that will leave a lasting impression. Use these personalized wipes at health fairs and fitness conventions. Check out our custom-branded antibacterial wipes:

Why Disinfectant Wipes?

  • Promote your doctor’s office with custom-branded antibacterial wipes at health fairs and conventions! 
  • Daycare center employees use cleaning wipes to effectively sanitize toys and counters to keep children healthy.
  • These custom antibacterial wipes help your employees avoid bacteria and illnesses!
  • Hand sanitizer wipes are great additions to customer swag bags.


Get Affordable Custom Antibacterial Wipes!

Wipe down counters and office spaces with Mini Wet Wipe Canisters!

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