Custom Highlighters

Custom highlighters are a low-cost bargain, easy to transport and always welcome as a giveaway item at conventions and other promotional events. Select from over a dozen product colors to match your marketing theme!

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Logo Highlighters

Custom highlighters are inexpensive items that most businesses and learning institutions need. Employees, students and clients will appreciate the gift of custom logo highlighters. Check out our carabiner and pocket highlighters with cases and clips for on-the-go use!

Our highlighters can be customized with a logo, clip art or a new design. We have a team of graphic artists ready to help you make your design idea a reality.

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Custom Highlighters FAQs

What is the minimum number of highlighters I must buy?

Each highlighter style has different minimum order requirements. Review the product information for specifics.

How much do personalized highlighters cost?

You can order highlighters for less than $1 each! Pricing depends on the product, quantity and other factors.

How do I order custom highlighters?

Start by filling out the Price and Delivery Estimator, select product and imprint colors and choose an artwork option. We will process your order after you approve a digital mockup.

Do highlighters have ink?

Yes, many highlighters use bright, transparent ink that transfers from the felt tip. Gel highlighters are the exception because they are solid, dry sticks.

Why do highlighters glow?

Highlighters are made with fluorescein, a fluorescent ink. This type of ink absorbs and emits more light than typical inks. This is what makes your highlighter marks appear to be glowing.

Bulk Highlighters for Any Brand

Looking for affordable highlighters for the office? How about high-quality BIC® highlighters for your students?

Our custom highlighters are available in different colors, styles and materials. Check out our popular styles and their properties:

Why Custom Highlighters?

  • Personalized highlighters are excellent organizational and learning tools. They can help students with study notes and allow employees to efficiently mark important documents.
  • Our logo highlighters are excellent as giveaways for trade shows because everyone can use one!


Illuminate Your Business With Logo Highlighters

Check out our best-selling Nifty Highlighter!

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Custom highlighters