Promotional Blank Home, Office & Tech Products

Purchase blank office and tech items for the flexibility of distributing them at all types of events. Our clips, phone caddies, tape measures and other premium products make great giveaways, prizes and rewards at work, school and community fundraisers. Save big on our bulk purchase options of blank home office giveaways that are ready to give or be printed. Order online today at Totally Promotional!

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1-60 of 861 results

1-60 of 861 results

Blank Home, Office and Tech Giveaways

Order blank home office giveaways and be ready for any event. Printable blank home office giveaways can be decorated with decals, washi tape stickers, paint or event emblems. 

Pair blank home tech products with other items to make sample bags for career fairs and hiring events. Take advantage of wholesale pricing on our affordable, blank home and office products. 


Blank red chip clip and blank silver bottle opener

Blank Home Tech Products FAQs

How much do blank home tech products cost?

You can purchase high-quality, blank home tech products for less than a dollar each.

What materials are used to make blank home, office and tech giveaway items?

Our blank home and tech products are made from various materials such as vinyl, metal, aluminum, polyester, foam, plastic, paper, PVC, polypropylene, neoprene and many more. Use the filter tool when browsing our site to sort products based on material.

What is the minimum order quantity requirement for blank home and office items?

You can purchase a minimum of 12 blank home and office items, depending on the product. Please refer to the individual product pages for more details.

Blank Home Office Giveaways Options

Office or school supplies? Doctor’s or lawyer’s office?

Shop our broad range of blank home and office products for deep savings:


Why Blank Home Tech Products?

  • Include blank home office giveaways in your trade show sample bags to excite prospective clients!
  • Stock up on blank home tech products for your office. Buying in bulk will ease your operations’ budget and you’ll never run out of essentials. 
  • Order a combination of different blank home and office products to provide your staff with a wide range of supplies.


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Shop our Blank 3/4-in. Polyester Lanyards!

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Blank orange and blue chip clips and a blank red bottle opener