Custom Carabiners

Latch onto affordable custom carabiners that your staff and clients will use daily! You'll be impressed with the exposure you receive with logo carabiners used for promotional items. Order custom carabiners and clips paired with hand sanitizer and other products for impressive giveaway items at Totally Promotional today!

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Custom Carabiners

Personalized carabiner keychains are heavy-duty, giveaway items that everyone can use. We have standard and wire gate carabiners that clip tightly for added security. 

Increase brand recognition with your logo on high-profile, custom carabiners. Totally Promotional offers laser engraving on select styles to give your message long-lasting exposure!

Custom carabiner keychains

Custom Carabiner Keychains FAQs

What is a carabiner?

A carabiner is a closed, metal hook designed to quickly attach to and hold onto objects. Carabiner keychains are popular for keeping many types of items secure and easily accessible.

Why are they called carabiners?

Carabiners were initially used to connect a carbine rifle to a strap. The original German word translates to “carbine hook.”

How much do custom carabiners cost?

You can order custom carabiners for less than $1 apiece! See the product details page for specific information.

What is the minimum number of carabiners I must order?

We have carabiners with a minimum order requirement of 50 items. Minimum quantities can vary for different types of products.

How do you order custom carabiners?

Just fill out the Price and Delivery Estimator, choose product and imprint colors and select an artwork option. Your payment will be processed after you approve a digital mockup of your design.

Options for Logo Carabiners

Looking for custom carabiners for office keys? How about a multifunctional carabiner keychain? 

Our custom carabiner keychains are available in many materials, styles, imprint types and colors. Check out our popular styles and their attributes:

Why Promotional Carabiners?

  • Modern carabiners are lightweight and strong. They can hold keys, wallets and more without weighing down a backpack or duffel bag.
  • Our custom carabiners quickly attach and detach for today's busy lifestyles!


Boost Your Business With Custom Carabiners

Check out our best-selling Engraved Split Ring 8MM Carabiner!

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