Custom Lanyards

Custom lanyards are popular giveaway items at trade shows and corporate events. Personalized lanyards can be partnered with badge holders, key rings and other attachments to fit the unique needs of government agencies, schools and special events. Customized lanyards can boost security by identifying people and securing ID cards. Check out our low prices and upload your logo or design today!

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Showing 61-76 of 76 results

Custom Lanyards FAQs

How much do custom lanyards cost?
As an example, you can order 100 of our economy lanyards for less than a dollar each. All lanyard orders include free delivery and free setup. You can also order lanyards in quantities as low as 25 or 50 for smaller businesses or more intimate events. Bulk orders are also available at discounted prices for larger events.

What is the clip on a lanyard called?
Lanyard clips generally refer to the attachment located at the base of the lanyard where hooks or ID holders can be added. The most popular attachments are swivel, metal J-hooks because of their versatility. Other carabiner type clips such as lobster, slide and oval clips are also available. Bulldog clips are similar to chip clips or clothespins and are best suited for holding badges and identification cards for ID lanyards. A clip on the back of a lanyard, located behind the wearer's neck, is a safety breakaway clip. These clips offer an added safety feature that can help prevent choking if a lanyard is pulled or tugged.

How do I design a lanyard?

  1. Choose a lanyard style and material.
  2. Enter your desired quantity and preferred delivery/shipping method.
  3. Select your lanyard and imprint colors.
  4. Customize your lanyard with your choice of attachments & accessories.
  5. Upload your artwork or choose the “Email Later” option.

Take a look at our How To Make Custom Lanyards page for inspiration and design ideas.

How can I use custom lanyards?
Lanyards are used for security, convenience and to make a positive impression for your brand at schools, trade shows and events. Lanyards provide an upfront display of identification when combined with badge holders, and offer a convenient way to carry objects such as keys. Lanyards are practical promotional items that make great giveaway gifts at trade shows and conventions. They draw plenty of exposure when eyes are drawn to the branded logo printed on lanyards. Speical attachments and hooks can be used to hold clear ID holders, badges, keys and more. Our online ordering process makes it easy to create the perfect promotional lanyard for your school, sporting event or concert.

What lanyard attachment is best for my needs?
The lanyard attachments you need will depend on how you will use them. Swivel J-hooks, swivel lobster hooks and oval hooks allow objects to rotate, making them ideal for carrying items such as keys, badges, hand sanitizer and small flashlights. Bulldog clips are available in fixed and swivel styles to hold ID cards and badge holders. Metal key rings securely hold keys and other items, which make them very versatile and a great long-term investment. Learn more about all of our lanyard attachments by reading our Lanyard Attachment Guide.

How are custom lanyards printed?
Printing methods for custom lanyards are determined by the style chosen. Our economy lanyards are dye sublimated in one or full color print. Dye sublimation on our economy satin polyester lanyards provides a smooth, integrated imprint with a delicate and attractive, shiny finish. Dye sublimation printing produces a vivid color and the ability to print intricate details. Screen printed lanyards offer durability and versatility. Screen printed imprints allow for bold designs that will make your logo or design stand out! Lanyards are printed in a step-and-repeat pattern on one side. Step-and-repeat patterns cover the entire front side of the lanyard on the left and right side while looking at the lanyard straight on.