Face Mask Lanyards With Logo

Keep your face mask close by and hands-free with custom face mask lanyards. No more forgetting your face mask at work or home. Double bulldog clip lanyards for face masks prevent you from digging through a bag or pocket and risking contamination of your face covering. Custom mask lanyards are perfect for schools to keep face protection handy for staff and students.

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Lanyards for Masks

Two-clip lanyards for face masks allow you to remove face coverings with ease. A mask can be left hanging from the lanyard and put back on at a moment's notice. Face mask lanyards are especially helpful for children because they are less likely to lose them when they’re attached. 

Order face mask lanyards for your students with your school’s mascot or motto printed on them!

Blue face mask lanyard with white imprint and green face mask lanyard with white imprint

Face Mask Lanyards FAQs

How do you attach your mask to a lanyard?

The double bulldog clips on the lanyard easily attach to any mask. The clips function like chip clips or clothespins to attach near the ear flaps of the mask. The mask will hang around the neck on your chest when removed from the face. The face mask is not included. Shop our wide selection of face masks.

Are mask lanyards appropriate for children?

Yes, our mask lanyards are excellent for children. The lanyards will attach to a standard mask of any size and are ideal for students while at school or athletic competitions.

How do I customize a mask lanyard?

Start by selecting the lanyard style, color and imprint color. Customize your lanyard by uploading your logo or design, simply adding text or emailing your artwork later. Our graphic artists will provide a free digital mockup that you must approve before production starts. No payment is necessary until your proof has been approved by you!

How much do custom mask lanyards cost?

You can purchase 200 customized mask lanyards for as low as $1 each. Prices vary depending on how many you order. Buy lanyards in bulk for bigger savings!

Is there a minimum number of mask lanyards I must order?

Yes, the minimum number of personalized mask lanyards that you can order is 25.

Options for Any Face Mask Lanyards

Looking for an exciting neon lanyard for your mask? How about a reflective lanyard for construction workers?

Our face mask lanyards are available in a variety of different colors, styles and imprint types. Check out our popular styles and their attributes:

Why Lanyards for Masks?

  • Face mask lanyards help keep your mask clean when taken off to eat or drink. You won’t have to risk leaving your mask exposed on a table or in a bag where it could contaminate your belongings.
  • Our custom mask lanyards can also be used to attach badges and ID cards when face masks are no longer needed.   


Encourage Good Mask Hygiene With Face Mask Lanyards

Check out our most popular Double Bulldog Clip Mask Lanyard!

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Purple face mask lanyard with white imprint and black face mask with white imprint