Promotional Sharpie® Markers & Permanent Markers

Custom Sharpie® markers make a permanent impression when the barrel features your logo or name. Custom permanent markers are high-quality giveaways at trade shows and conventions. Custom permanent markers can be used by students, cashiers and office staff to create sketches, posters and sale signs. Branded Sharpie® markers are fast-drying and leave a permanent mark on a wide range of surfaces.

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Custom Permanent Markers

Leave a lasting impression with logoed permanent markers! The durable imprint applied to the outside will increase brand recognition every time someone uses one.

Our creative team is happy to assist you in bringing your promotional vision to life. Distribute your custom Sharpie® Markers to current and potential associates to make your mark in your field!

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Branded Permanent Markers FAQs

How do I order custom permanent markers?

You will start by entering the quantity, production time and ZIP code into our online filter. Next, select a product and imprint color that fits your needs. Then, upload your design, describe your idea to our team of graphic artists or email us your artwork. Finally, your free digital mockup will need to be approved by you and then we will begin production!

Are custom permanent markers expensive?

Our customized permanent markers start as low as 45 cents each. Your total price depends on the style and quantity you need for your promotional event.

Is there a minimum order quantity for wholesale markers?

Several of our custom permanent markers have a minimum order quantity of 75. If you have additional questions, check out the product detail page for the item you’re interested in ordering.

How do I restart a permanent marker tip that has dried up?

Most markers need only a simple soak to bring them back to life. To begin your marker revival, you can soak the tip in warm water for five minutes. Then tightly wrap plastic wrap around the tip. After a few hours, you can remove the wrap, and the marker will be good as new! Do this over a sink in dark clothes, as the ink permanently stains surfaces and clothes.

How long do custom permanent markers last?

Our indelible markers last about one to two years after they are opened. The typical shelf-life of unopened markers is about two to three years. Regular use keeps them primed and ready!

Options for Custom Permanent Markers

Need gift bag stuffers for your promotional event or school function? Looking for functional, branded products that will be used repeatedly? 

Totally Promotional offers personalized markers in various styles and colors to meet your promotional needs! Custom permanent markers are useful promotional tools that customers and employees will love. Take a look at our available markers:

Why Customized Permanent Markers?

  • It would be hard to find someone that never uses a permanent marker! These multi-purpose writing utensils are great for labeling moving boxes, creating art, marking Christmas presents and so much more. 
  • Your customers will be reminded of your business every time they use their branded markers! Pass them out at events to expand your audience or give them to loyal customers as a thank-you. 
  • Students and teachers will love using your personalized permanent markers for projects. Creative types can design masterpieces and everybody else will surely find a use for them, too. 


Personalize Your Logoed Permanent Markers

Excite your artistic crew with various colors of portable Mini Permanent Markers!

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