Meet Jenn

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I’m Jenn and I have been working as a digital designer at Totally Promotional for a little over two years. I also spent two years in the production facility, working part time right out of high school while attending college and earning a degree in Business Administration. After that, I moved to Kettering for two years to attend The School of Advertising Art. At SAA, I earned my Associates Degree as a Hybrid Designer. After graduating, I moved back home and started working at Totally Promotional as a designer in the marketing department!

My main tasks at Totally Promotional include designing templates for our template tool and placing them on our website so customers can personalize and view them on our products. Other tasks include helping place new products on our site and ensuring the templates function correctly with each product. I also handle any other projects that are thrown my way!

My fiance, Keith, and I recently got engaged and are planning a June 2019 wedding! Keith served in the Marine Corps for four years and is now back at home working full time.

I have three siblings (Jordan, Jessica and Jason), a brother-in-law (Monte), and a sister-in-law (Jenna). In June, I will be gaining another brother-in-law (Kyle) and two sisters-in-law (Christy and Brittany). Keith and I are blessed with two little nieces (Aubrey and Callie) and are gaining another niece/nephew who is due to arrive in October!

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