Custom Euro Tote Bags

Custom-printed eurototes have a high-end style that brings elegance to any business. Select custom eurotote bags made with laminated paper to boost your image and give shoppers a reason to remember you. Many of our eurotote bags offer cotton and macramé handles for ease in carrying. These luxurious bags can be foil-printed for added glamor. Customers will be impressed and love carrying their purchases in these gorgeous custom-printed eurotote bags!

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Custom Euro Tote Bags

Personalized eurototes take your brand to the next level and make you look good. Eurotote bags are a must-have for boutiques and small businesses that seek a high-end style. Heavy-duty eurotote bags are strong enough to carry big loads while giving your logo maximum exposure.

Let our team place your unique artwork on custom eurotote bags you’ll be proud to show off!

Black custom euro tote bags with green foil stamp imprint and white euro tote bags with foil stamp imprint

Personalized Euro Tote Bags FAQs

What is the minimum order quantity for custom eurotote paper bags?

You can order as few as 100 personalized eurototes. The minimum amount depends on the style of eurotote you choose. Be sure to check out the product details to find specific minimum order quantity information.

How do I start a new custom eurotote order?

First choose the personalized eurotote bag you wish to customize. You'll be prompted through our easy ordering process to select amounts, colors and artwork options.

How much do custom eurototes cost?

A custom eurotote bag can cost less than $2 each, depending on the style and quantity you order.

What is a eurotote?

A eurotote bag is made with high-quality paper that looks and feels luxurious. Eurototes have a matte or glossy finish that gives them a high-end look.

What type of handle styles are available for eurototes?

Our carrying handle styles for eurotote bags including cotton, macrame and die-cut.

Options for Custom-Printed Euro Tote Bags

Not sure which style of custom eurotote to order? Want to upscale your next event? 

We carry a wide variety of bulk eurotote styles. Our different shape styles are sure to impress. Check out the impressive styles and shaped eurototes at Totally Promotional:

Why Personalized Eurotote Bags?

  • Enhance your shop’s appearance by using high-quality eurotote bags for customer purchases.


Shop in Luxury With Eurototes

Check out our best-selling Phoenix Matte Eurotote-Foil Stamp!

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White eurotoe with black imprint