Custom Selfie Lights & Ring Lights

Custom selfie phone lights are must-have, portable devices for remote workers and influencers. Branded ring lights help create well-lit selfies and provide the lighting needed for photography and videography. Custom selfie phone lights with your logo make unique gifts for employees, students and clients.

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Personalized Selfie Lights

Personalized selfie lights are a budget-friendly promotional tool that will bring massive exposure to your brand at a lower cost. Give them to students, employees or clients to clip to their cellphones. Selfie lights provide professional lighting for online meetings, remote work and social media posts.

Our team of graphic artists are happy to help you bring your vision to life with a logo or design idea. Your branded message will look amazing on a selfie light!

 Pink custom selfie lights with black imprint and black custom ring lights with white imprint

Custom Selfie Light FAQs

How much do custom selfie lights cost?

You can order custom selfie lights for under $3 each! The price depends on the type of selfie light you choose and the quantity ordered.

What is the minimum number of selfie lights I can order?

At Totally Promotional you can order as few as 50 of our best-selling selfie lights. The minimum order requirement varies by product; see product details for more information.

Does a selfie light make a difference?

Selfie lights are compact, portable devices that come in handy for all types of photography and videos. They provide flattering light and work to reduce the noise and blur in your photos.

How do I order my personalized selfie lights?

Select your style, imprint choice and quantity. Fill out your ZIP code and choose your production and delivery times, color and imprint color. Upload your logo/design. A digital mockup will be emailed after checkout. We will not process payment until we receive approval from you for the mockup.

Why should I buy a customizable selfie light?

Selfie lights provide you with an easy and convenient way to achieve professional lighting for every one of your pictures, whether you're using an iPhone or DSLR camera. They also tend to be more affordable than expensive studio lighting, making them perfect for beginners and advanced photographers alike.

Options for Customizable Selfie Lights

Do you need better lighting for social media posts? Looking for a well-lit setup for meetings? 

Our customizable selfie lights are available in many sizes and styles. Check out our most popular selfie lights and benefits:

Why Branded Selfie Lights?

  • Selfie lights can mimic natural lighting indoors and outdoors, allowing you to use them in any type of seasonal weather conditions.
  • Selfie lights include rechargeable USB cords or long-lasting batteries to make them portable accessories. 
  • Students, influencers and business professionals utilize them for online classes, social media posts and important meetings. 
  • Customizable selfie lights are a cost-effective way to get professional-quality photos and videos on a smaller budget. Selfie lights are a smart investment for any business looking to grow its customer base and re-brand social media pages. 
  • Selfie lights are the key to making visual content look polished and professional. Transform your content and sell more products to your customers. 
  • Adding your logo to selfie lights will expand your reach and gain new customers. 
  • Selfie lights are lightweight and portable, allowing them to be used in all social situations. 


Create Your Own Custom Selfie Light

Check out our budget-friendly Adjustable Clip-On Right Light! They are great for events, giveaways and more.

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 Black custom selfie lights with black imprint