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Totally Giving Back: The gift of sight

"Lord, all that we have accomplished, you have done for us." - Isaiah 26:12

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A group of compassionate missionaries will embark on a trip in February to help preserve the vision of hundreds of Haitians.

The team making the journey is part of 26:12, a nonprofit organization based in Texas. The missionaries will also provide other types of health-related services to those in need.

Emily McNay, the Director of Administration for 26:12, explained the overall goals of the upcoming trip and previous ones.

“We have been taking teams to provide medical clinics in this part of Haiti since 2010,” she said. “Our goal is to improve the overall quality of the health of the people living in the neighborhoods where our clinics are located. We have seen that happen.”

Twenty-six: Twelve creates opportunities for people to serve locally and globally. The organization was founded in 2006 and has facilitated more than 40 short-term mission trips. Half of those trips were domestic; the remaining ones involved nine different countries.

Volunteers feel blessed

Event Coordinator Allyson Needham has witnessed firsthand the great things accomplished during the mission trips to Haiti. The response by the thousands of people they encounter each time is very rewarding, she said.

“I have personally gone on four medical mission trips to Haiti and have seen the way locals light up when we meet even their smallest of need,” Needham said. “The country and its people have been to hell and back and yet still walk around with joy and gratefulness.”

Honored to help

Totally Promotional recently donated sunglasses to 26:12 to be distributed in Haiti during the mission trip in February. Needham explained how valuable the sunglasses are in preventing poor vision or blindness in adults and children.

“Because of the climate and geography of Haiti, partnered with the devastating natural disasters, the Haitian people lack many things but one major cause of discomfort is proper eye care,” Needham said. “Every year we see hundreds of patients with horrible eye conditions, most of which could be prevented with eye drops and a pair of sunglasses.”

The group was also able to secure eye drops for the trip, she added.

Who is 26:12?

Besides medical missionary work, 26:12 has also provided minor construction and childcare where needed. They collaborate with other organizations, such as Samaritan’s Purse, Mission Discovery and the Word at Work.

Twenty-six: Twelve’s mission is “to make it easy for people to ‘leave their desks behind’ to GO and serve people in need.” Employers — through a partnership with 26:12 — are able to provide time and financial resources for their co-workers to serve together.

The organization welcomes others who are interested in serving and gladly accepts donations to help them complete their missions.

Totally Giving Back is a program supported by and its staff to help individuals and groups in need. We believe it is important to give back to our local communities and spread hope to others around the world.

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