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Totally Giving Back: Jazmine's Journey

Jazmine's Journey Jazmine's Journey

A nonprofit organization began earlier this year to help families facing the harsh realities of childhood cancer.

Jazmine’s Journey, based in Arizona, was officially created in February 2024 by Amber Reiter, her husband and two friends. The 501(c)3 honors the Reiters’ daughter, Jazmine, who passed away from infant leukemia on May 5, 2020.

Jazmine was diagnosed with the illness when she was just 6 months old. She was only 16 months old when she left this world.

“The night she passed, I was holding her in my arms and her breathing was getting bad,” Amber said. “I just sang to her and told her it was OK to stop fighting.”

During Jazmine’s 10-month battle, she underwent numerous blood product transfusions, bone marrow aspirations and chemotherapy treatments. Through it all, the bubbly little girl never lost her smile and unwavering courage.

Jazmine’s Journey makes its debut

After Jazmine’s death, Amber wanted a means to tell her daughter’s story and help other families facing such a horrific experience. The Reiters, Amber’s friend, Nina, and her boyfriend, pooled their money to get the nonprofit started.

To date, Jazmine’s Journey has provided more than 150 free kids’ meals to a local children’s hospital. It also funded Jazmine Piggie Baskets filled with $25 food gift cards, baby blankets, books and Taggies Patches Pig Lovey Soft Toys (Taggies Piggies) for families with children undergoing treatment.

Taggies Piggies have multiple textured tags that children find comforting to hold. Jazmine clung to hers during her treatments. The group’s goal is to give Taggies Piggies to all local children fighting cancer. Donations to help purchase the cuddly pigs can be made on the organization’s website.

Amber said they also donated 27 hygiene kits for children being treated in the Pediatric Medical Oncology department at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center.

Jazmine’s legacy lives on with compassion and hope

A wide range of activities is planned to help more families in the future.

“We are about to start our monthly yoga classes for parents who have terminally ill children, lost (a child) or has a child in cancer treatment currently,” she explained.

Plans also include the creation of an online grief group, a stretching class for parents and a dinner for moms and dads with hospitalized children in treatment programs.

A few events held this year to raise money were a Memorial Hike Fundraiser, Give Back nights at restaurants and Rock Painting activities.

Upcoming events include a Bingo Fundraiser, a Peter Piper Pizza Fundraiser and a Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser. Totally Promotional is donating 200 pens with the organization’s logo to be used as giveaways at fundraisers such as a Cancer Walk planned for September.

At the end of 2024, Jazmine’s Journey plans to donate funds to the National Cancer Institute for childhood cancer research.

Amber noted that all money donated to Jazmine’s Journey goes directly to help children with cancer and their families. Application information and general donation options can be found online.

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