Blank Can Coolers

Our low-priced blank can coolers are perfect for crafts or screen printing. Buy blank can coolers in bulk for large events or order in small quantities for personal DIY projects at Totally Promotional.

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Wholesale Can Coolers

Blank can coolers are ideal for large gatherings because of their affordability. They are also great for adding your own DIY imprint. Order a sample pack to see all of the cooler colors available in person before ordering an imprinted batch.

Blank can coolers in multiple colors also give each party guest a different hue to identify their drinks.

Dark blue and light bliue blank can coolers.

Blank Can Coolers FAQs

How do I order wholesale can coolers?

Ordering is as simple as filling out the price and delivery estimator and choosing the product color if applicable. After those steps you will be ready to finish the checkout process.

What is the minimum number of can coolers I must order?

We have can coolers with low minimums of 12 so you can get the right amount for your party or project. Check the product details information for the number, which can vary per item.

How much do bulk can coolers cost?

We have many can coolers that are less than $1 per item. The product details page has specific pricing information that changes based on the quantity you are purchasing.

What drinks fit in blank can coolers?

Traditional can coolers perfectly fit short 12 oz. cans. We also have coolers for tall, 12 oz. cans, regular beer bottles, pint glasses, water bottles, growlers and more.

Options for Any Bulk Can Coolers

Looking for can coolers for your beer cans or bottles? How about samples of our cooler colors?

Our blank can coolers come in various sizes, materials and colors. Check out our different materials and their properties:

Why Blank Can Coolers?

  • Can coolers keep your drink cool for much longer than a naked can. They also protect your hand from getting cold or damp while holding a beverage.
  • Blank can coolers are an affordable option for DIY projects. You can use iron-on patches, fabric paint and many other types of embellishments to customize your can coolers. We also have unsewn coolers for projects that require them.

Customer Reviews

“Totally Promotional has been my go-to for bulk-buying can coolers. They're quick, easy to deal with, and the coolers are a great deal!”

— Nate R. ordered Blank Premium Foam Can Cooler

“These can coolers are perfect for promoting your business or raising money for your cause. Their quality is consistent (this was my second order) and they are perfect for throwing in your car, boat, or camping gear.”

— Jacqueline ordered Blank Premium Foam Can Cooler


Stay on Budget With Blank Can Coolers

Check out our best-selling Blank Premium Foam Can Cooler!

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Dark blue and white blank koozies