Custom Face Masks

These promotional face masks are available in customized and blank options. You can order reusable face masks in a wide variety of product colors and imprint colors. We also have many different patterns that work for businesses, events, special occasions and family use. These logo face masks have a three-layer composite construction and a 3D design. The dual elastic straps help with maximum adjustability. Shop our selection of washable face masks today!

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Custom-printed Face Masks

Promotional face masks are designed to protect your health while branding your business or organization. Choose from solid colors or foam face masks with prints to give employees or use for special events and other needs. Our reusable, general use face masks are affordable to help you comply with health restrictions without breaking your budget.

Custom Face Masks FAQs

Where are your face masks made?
Totally Promotional's general use face masks are produced in our plant in Coldwater, Ohio.

Do your face masks get hot when wearing them?
Face masks can sometimes trap heat and become warm while wearing. We suggest adjusting the straps for a somewhat looser fit if you experience temperature issues.

Do you have a patent for your face masks?
Totally Promotional currently has a patent pending for their face masks.

Are your face masks medically graded?
Our face masks are not medically graded Personal Protective Equipment. However, we follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by using materials that conform snugly and comfortably to the wearer’s face and allow for easy breathing

What face covering materials do you use?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends face masks with flexible material for better conformity. Reusable face masks by Totally Promotional offer a three-dimensional contour to snugly fit the face for maximum benefit. Each custom face mask is made with an open-cell polyurethane foam for comfort and protection. The three-layer composite helps filter virus-filled droplets that can circulate in the air when people cough, sneeze or talk.

Are these face masks reusable and washable?

Our customized face masks are reusable to give you the best value when you need it the most. We suggest hand washing our bulk face masks and letting them air dry after each use. Keep your foam face mask clean when not wearing it by storing it in a baggie or other secure container.