Custom Frisbees® & Flying Discs

Everyone loves to throw flying discs! Place your name, logo or message on these customizable discs and let your exposure soar! Ordering a custom-printed Frisbee® is easy with our step-by-step method. You can choose from nearly two dozen colors for your high-quality promotional flying discs and Frisbees®. Order the size and style that fits all your branding needs.

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Custom Frisbees® and Flying Discs

Custom Frisbees® will help your giveaways stand out this year! Bring printed Frisbees® featuring your college mascot and name to high school recruiting events. Flyer disks are excellent swag for trade shows as well. Frisbees® with logos will engage with a wide base with their nostalgic retro vibe.

Buy your Frisbees® in bulk to take advantage of wholesale deals. Toss your design ideas to our graphic designers for a marketing win this year! 

Bulk frisbees green frisbee with black imprint and blue frisbee with white imprint

Custom Frisbees® FAQs

How much do custom flying discs cost?

You can order personalized flying discs for less than $1 each with most bulk orders. We bring you factory-direct pricing, quick turnaround times and low order quantity requirements for the best deal. Get an instant quote with our Price and Delivery Estimator in Step 1 of the order process.

Can you customize authentic Frisbee® products?

Yes, we can! You can't go wrong with the classics. We offer the original and authentic U-Max 175g Professional Frisbee® by Wham-O® U-Max 175g Professional Frisbee® by Wham-O® . Impress the crowd at special outdoor events with these heavy-duty, giveaway products featuring your name and logo. Catch attention with our neon product colors! Frisbee® is a registered trademark of the Wham-O® toy company.

I only want a few flying discs. Is there a minimum number of flying discs that I can order?

You can order as few as 12 on select products. The minimum order amount varies by item and is on the product details page for each.

What is the printing process used to imprint on flying discs?

We use a screen-printing process to achieve the best imprint outcome.

Can I order blank flying discs?

Yes, all of our items are available in blank versions. They are an affordable option for DIY disk golf at home!

Promotional Frisbees® Options

Translucent or splatter design? Tiny or standard size? Regular disks or ring flyers?

Check out our wide selection of styles and sizes for customizable flying discs:

Why Order Custom Frisbees® with your Logo?

  • Personalized Frisbees® offer ample imprint space for your large logo and custom-printed name!
  • Launch your outdoor fundraising event with printed Frisbees® as giveaways. Engage with customers and have fun!
  • Frisbees® with logos are stackable, which makes them easy to bring to conventions or other events. Choose disks with pouches for even more portability and protection!

Customer Reviews

“Ordering was easy. I received the product quickly. The frisbees were exactly what I hoped they would be. The design was perfect. Sharp and clear. I will use this organization again.”

— Claire S. ordered 9-1/4-in. Translucent Flying Disc

“Great, high-quality frisbees with a high-quality printing. Super cost-effective and well worth the price.”

— Rebecca R. ordered 9-1/4-in. Flying Disc


Your Logo Will Soar With Custom Frisbees®

Order our No. 1 best-selling 9-1/4-in. Flying Disc!

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Navy blue frisbees with logo in white