Blank Keychains

Plain keychains are budget-friendly, premium-quality items your clients will use each day. Our blank keychains are available in bulk and in a wide array of colors and shapes to match your theme or business. You’ll appreciate the durable materials that make these keychains a lasting treasure and an affordable giveaway. Order your keychain tags blank at Totally Promotional and save! If you wish to decorate your keychains, check out our customized keychains!

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1-60 of 99 results

1-60 of 99 results

Blank Keychains

Plain keychains are affordable items for gifts and DIY projects. Club members and students will appreciate these durable keychains to help keep them organized. We have colorful keychains in many sizes that are easy to locate. 

Order blank keychains in bulk and get a price discount per item!

Blank keychains teal keychain and blank red bottle opener keychain

Bulk Keychains FAQs

How much do blank keychains cost?

You can order blank keychains for less than $1 each at Totally Promotional. Pricing depends on the style of product, quantity and other factors.

What is the minimum number of blank keychains I must order?

We have blank keychains with a minimum of 25 items. Minimum quantities can vary among the many styles of keychains.

How do I order blank keychains?

Simply fill out the Price and Delivery Estimator and select product color(s). Your order can be placed in minutes!

How much weight is too much for your keys?

A heavy keychain can damage parts of your ignition. The safest option is to get multiple keychains for each vehicle you drive. Alternatively, you can make them detachable with a carabiner clip!

What is the best way to keep track of keys?

Using a keychain with bright colors will instantly make your keys more visible. Technological innovations like Bluetooth® trackers have made the process completely foolproof.

Options for Any Wholesale Blank Keychains

Looking for blank keychains for your employees? How about blank keychains for community events?

Our blank keychains are available in various materials, colors, styles and more. Check out our popular styles and their benefits:

Why Plain Keychains?

  • Our blank keychains add fashion and functionality to any key or bag.
  • Bulk keychains can help keep track of USBs and other small items.
  • Plain keychains are compact and very affordable.


Save Money With Blank Keychains

Check out our best-selling, blank Handy Bottle Opener Key Ring!

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