Napkins Printing Options

Between ink printing and foil stamping, we have what you need for your custom napkins!

Screen Print

  • The screen printing process burns the desired imprint into a screen that is then placed on top of the product material as the ink is pushed through. The ink is then transferred onto the material in the shape of the image or design.
Screen Printing Process

Pad Print (only certain color combinations that can’t be screen printed)

  • This process involves printing the image onto a metal plate where ink is applied. A rubber stamp transfers the ink into the shape of the image and stamps it onto the material. Pad printing, also called tampography, works well on textured surfaces.
Pad Printing Process

Foil Stamping

  • The foil stamping process is the application of metallic or pigmented foil onto the material by using a heated die. Foil stamping gives an elegant look to wedding supplies and other promotional products.
Foil Stamp Printing Process

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