Custom Cloth Wristbands

Cloth elastic wristbands are soft, lightweight and comfortable for all your fans and guests to wear. Custom cloth wristbands for events are durable and lightweight. You’ll love the selection of colors to accent any theme or team. Your logo will get plenty of attention on these popular fabric wristbands.

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Custom Elastic Wristbands

Create memorabilia for loyal customers with custom elastic wristbands! Add our custom cloth bracelets to upcoming trade shows, conventions and fundraisers to watch your sales soar.

Design your own fabric bracelets to maximize your visibility. Our affordable, custom cloth wristbands for promotional events will be a customer favorite!


Custom cloth wristbands blue elatsic wristband with white imprint and pink coth wristband with black imprint

Custom Cloth Bracelets FAQs

How much will my custom cloth wristbands cost?

Our custom cloth wristbands are available for less than $1 each! Your price may vary depending on the chosen style and quantity.

Is there a minimum order requirement for custom cloth bracelets?

Many of our cloth wristbands have a minimum order requirement of 100.

Can my custom fabric wristbands be washed?

Yes, you can wash them! You can place your custom fabric wristbands in the washer with your other clothes on a cold, delicate cycle and hang them out to dry. This method helps prevent your wristbands from stretching out.

Are custom cloth wristbands water-resistant?

Yes! Most of our cloth festival wristbands are designed to withstand rainfall or sweat. See the product description for more information.

How do I order custom cloth bracelets?

You can start your order by choosing your desired quantity, production/delivery time and ZIP code. Next, you’ll be prompted to select a product and imprint color. You can add custom artwork to your wristbands by uploading your design, describing your idea to our team of graphic artists or emailing us later. After you approve your free digital mockup, we’ll send your products to you!

Options for Custom Fabric Wristbands

Trying to maximize your promotional efforts? Need affordable promotional tools?

Our custom cloth wristbands are perfect for every promotional event with our wide selection of styles, sizes and colors. Children and adults will love wearing these wristbands at hotels and resorts. Check out our custom cloth bracelets:


Why Custom Cloth Wristbands?

  • Teachers and students will love wearing these comfortable cloth wristbands for fundraising events.
  • The adjustable wrist straps make these custom cloth wristbands a perfect fit for everyone! 
  • Children and adults will have no problem wearing their elastic cloth wristbands all day with the one-size-fits-all feature.
  • Show school pride by handing out custom cloth wristbands at a low cost!


Buy Customized Cloth Bracelets

Advertise upcoming giveaway events by handing out personalized Wrist Accessory Straps to customers!

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Custom fabric wristbands with white imprint