Blank Hand Sanitizer

Secure your supply of bulk hand sanitizer at competitive prices for your business or organization. Choose from a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and scents to meet your specific needs. Our wholesale hand sanitizers are perfect for customization, allowing you to add your logo or message for promotional purposes. Manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, our hand sanitizers are designed to keep your environment germ-free. Take advantage of free shipping on select styles and ensure you're always prepared with high-quality hand sanitizer in bulk.

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Hand Sanitizer in Bulk

Blank hand sanitizers are a necessity for any doctor’s office or nursing home. Take advantage of even bigger savings when you buy wholesale hand sanitizers in bulk quantities. 

Stock up on mini hand sanitizers in bulk for your pharmacy. We offer a wide variety of wholesale hand sanitizer bottles, so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for! Add blank, mini hand sanitizers to your next order!

Blank hand sanitizer

Bulk Hand Sanitizer FAQs - Your Questions Answered

What is the active ingredient in your blank hand sanitizers?

The main active ingredient in most of our blank hand sanitizers is ethyl alcohol.

What standards are applied to your blank hand sanitizers?

Our blank hand sanitizers are made in FDA-compliant facilities. We use BPA-free caps and bottles for our hand sanitizers.

Is there a minimum number of blank hand sanitizers per order?

The minimum order amount for our blank sanitizers varies from 25 to 150 units. Please refer to the product details pages for specific information per item.

Do blank hand sanitizers expire?

Blank hand sanitizers have a shelf life of approximately three years. Each container displays an expiration date for your convenience. Ethyl alcohol contents will diminish over time and cause the sanitizer to lose its effectiveness.

Options for Bulk Hand Sanitizer

Party favors or waiting room freebies? Clip or spray styles?

Check out all of our blank sanitizers:

Why Choose Bulk Hand Sanitizers for Your Business?

  • Buy blank hand sanitizers to hand out when people check in at your campground!
  • You won’t break your budget when you buy wholesale, hand sanitizer bottles.
  • Include bulk, mini hand sanitizers in all your welcome bags!

Customer Reviews

“My order of 2 oz. hand sanitizer bottles arrived ahead of schedule. Each lid is secured with plastic wrap and will be a great wedding favor.”

— Marissa ordered 2 oz. Hand Sanitizer Bottles-Blank


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