How to Design Banner Stands Like a Pro

How to Design Banner Stands How to Design Banner Stands How to Design Banner Stands

Designing a banner stand is easy with Totally Promotional's cutting edge technology, design templates and experienced support team. Our step-by-step process allows you to create the banner stand you want in minutes.

Anyone can design a great banner stand for their business, church or event. You can upload your own design and images, or utilize our large selection of banner stand design templates (shown below). The templates can be used as banner stand design inspiration or a quick design guide. All of our templates can be customized to fit your needs.

Artwork tips

  • Use minimal text to ensure the font is large enough to be read from across the room.
  • Make sure your logo is visible so your company can easily be recognized. (AI or EPS files are preferred for logos; other acceptable formats are: PDF, JPG, or PNG.)
  • Ensure your text will be read left to right, top to bottom.
  • Include key features like your web address, social media sites and contact information.
  • Use the highest quality photos available (at least 100dpi).

Less can be better

Avoid using small text and paragraphs. Banner stands are a great way to attract attention, direct traffic or welcome guests. The information on your banner stand should be easy to read and quick to understand. If additional information is needed, be ready with brochures or a different type of media.

Banner Stand Design Inspiration

To use one of the banner stand design templates at, type the design number in the "Add special instructions here" box in Step 5 in the ordering process. Specify any text you'd like to include and upload your logo or images. We prefer AI files and images to be 100dpi. Other formats accepted are: EPS, PDF, JPG or PNG.

Design-001 Expand Image

Design-002 Expand Image

Design-003 Expand Image

Design-004 Expand Image

Design-005 Expand Image

Design-006 Expand Image

Design-007 Expand Image

Design-008 Expand Image

Design-009 Expand Image

Design-010 Expand Image

Design-011 Expand Image

Design-012 Expand Image

Design-013 Expand Image

Design-014 Expand Image

Design-015 Expand Image

Design-016 Expand Image

Design-017 Expand Image

Design-018 Expand Image

Design-019 Expand Image

Design-020 Expand Image

Design-021 Expand Image

Design-022 Expand Image

Design-023 Expand Image

Design-024 Expand Image

Design-025 Expand Image

Design-026 Expand Image

Design-027 Expand Image

Design-028 Expand Image

Design-029 Expand Image

Design-030 Expand Image

Design-031 Expand Image

Design-032 Expand Image

Design-033 Expand Image

Design-034 Expand Image

Design-035 Expand Image

Design-036 Expand Image

Design-037 Expand Image

Design-038 Expand Image

Design-039 Expand Image

Design-040Expand Image

Design-041Expand Image

Design-042Expand Image

Design-043Expand Image

Design-044Expand Image

Design-045Expand Image

Design-046Expand Image

Design-047Expand Image

Design-048Expand Image

Design-049Expand Image

Design-050Expand Image

Design-051Expand Image

Design-052Expand Image

Design-053Expand Image

Design-054Expand Image

Design-055Expand Image

Design-056Expand Image

Design-057Expand Image

Design-058Expand Image

Design-059Expand Image

Design-060Expand Image

Design-061Expand Image

Design-062Expand Image

Design-063Expand Image

Design-064Expand Image

Design-065Expand Image

Design-066Expand Image

Design-067Expand Image

Design-068Expand Image

Design-069Expand Image

Design-070Expand Image

Design-071Expand Image

Design-072Expand Image

Design-073Expand Image

Design-074Expand Image

Design-075Expand Image

Design-076Expand Image

Design-077Expand Image

Design-078Expand Image

Design-079Expand Image

Design-080Expand Image

Order your banner stand on

  • Go to Retractable Banner Stands and select a floor length or table top style. We also have trade show packages if you need a banner stand, table cover and banner.
  • Choose the product you want.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: Enter the quantity and your zip code. Choose your production and delivery time.
  • Step 2: Choose vinyl or polyester material.
  • Step 3: Choose or decline an optional banner light.
  • Step 4: Select "Upload Now" to access your own artwork or use our banner stand design templates. Choose "Email Later" if you need artwork assistance or wish to send your own design at a later time.
  • a. Click on "Choose File" to upload your own artwork. Utilize the "Add special instructions here" box to communicate any design specifications.
    • b. To use a banner stand design template: Type the design number in the "Add special instructions here" box. To add a logo or other images, hit "Choose File" to upload.
      • * You will receive a free virtual proof by email to review before the order is sent to production.
  • Shopping Cart: The details of your order will be displayed on the Shopping Cart page. If the information is correct, choose "Review & Checkout".
  • Checkout: Review your order, provide a billing address and confirm a delivery time/date. You can pay for your order at this time or after you review and approve the free, virtual proof that is emailed to you.
  • Place your order

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