Custom Tubular Lanyards

These lanyards are made from a tubular polyester material that is comfortable to wear and durable. Tubular lanyards are a great option for an inexpensive and stylish customized lanyard. Build your own by choosing from 11 attachments such as hooks, key rings or clips; badge holders; and safety and buckle releases.

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Custom Tubular Lanyards

Tubular lanyards are made of synthetic material shaped into a tube. This means the lanyards have no rough edges on the sides and are incredibly comfortable. 

These lanyards have various attachment options that allow you to tailor them for your business. During the ordering process you can add different clips, a breakaway release for safety and badge holders!

Orange tubluar lanyards with white imprint and red custom tubular lanyards with black imprint

Tubular Lanyards FAQs

How much do custom tubular lanyards cost?

You can buy custom tubular lanyards for less than $1 per item. Check the product detail page for more pricing information.

What is the minimum number of tubular lanyards I must buy?

All of our tubular lanyards have minimums of 25 items per order.

How do I order tubular lanyards?

First, you will fill out the Price and Delivery Estimator, choose product colors and select imprint colors. Then, you will choose from the options for lanyard attachments, lanyard release attachments and lanyard badge holders. Finally, you will select from the artwork options.

Do you offer free delivery for tubular lanyards?

Yes, all of our tubular lanyards include free delivery. Free delivery applies to the contiguous United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii and all off-shore U.S. territories.

Custom Tubular Lanyards for Any Brand

Looking for a lanyard to hold your keys? How about a mask lanyard?

Our tubular lanyards are available in a variety of colors, styles and imprint types. Check out our popular styles and their attributes:

Why Tubular Lanyards?

  • Tubular lanyards are an excellent gift for new university students. Help them feel like part of the community with a lanyard featuring the school’s logo. Students can keep track of their school ID with a badge holder on a double-clip lanyard or secure their housing keys with a traditional lanyard.


Impress Your Employees With Custom Tubular Lanyards

Check out our best-selling 5/8-in. Tubular Lanyard!

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Green custom tubular lanyards with white imprint