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Lanyards are popular giveaway items at trade shows and corporate events. Personalized lanyards can be partnered with badge holders, key rings and other attachments to fit the unique needs of government agencies, schools and special events. Customized lanyards can boost security by identifying people and securing ID cards. Check out our low prices and upload your logo or design today!

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1-60 of 118 results

Lanyards FAQs

What fabric or materials are used to make lanyards?

Lanyards generally are constructed with variations of polyester, nylon or plastic. Satin polyester lanyards are one of the most popular materials used for lanyards because they are lightweight yet durable, and offer a smooth, shiny finish. Grosgrain polyester lanyards are very strong and feature small ribs or ridges across the lanyard. Tubular lanyards have a slimmer width, while providing durability and comfort. Tubular polyester lanyards are an affordable way to stand out from the crowd with their shoe-lace-like resemblance.

What is the clip on a lanyard called?

Lanyard clips generally refer to the attachment located at the base of the lanyard where hooks or ID holders can be added. The most popular attachments are swivel, metal J-hooks because of their versatility. Other carabiner type clips such as lobster, slide and oval clips are also available. Bulldog clips are similar to chip clips or clothespins and are best suited for holding badges and identification cards for ID lanyards. A clip on the back of a lanyard, located behind the wearer's neck, is a safety breakaway clip. These clips offer an added safety feature that can help prevent choking if a lanyard is pulled or tugged.

What is the standard length of a lanyard?

The standard length of our lanyards is 16 inches long x 3/4 inch wide per side as they drape around the neck. We also have lanyards that measure 16 inches long x 1 width. The full length of our lanyards is 34 1/2 inches long.

How can I use custom lanyards?

Lanyards are used for security, convenience and to make a positive impression for your brand at schools, trade shows and events. Lanyards provide an upfront display of identification when combined with badge holders, and offer a convenient way to carry objects such as keys. Lanyards are practical promotional items that make great giveaway gifts at trade shows and conventions. They draw plenty of exposure when eyes are drawn to the branded logo printed on lanyards. Special attachments and hooks can be used to hold clear ID holders, badges, keys and more. Our online ordering process makes it easy to create the perfect promotional lanyard for your school, sporting event or concert.

What are breakaway and buckle release lanyards and how do they differ?

Breakaway lanyards open quickly to help prevent choking or strangulation when a lanyard is pulled, tugged or snagged. They are designed to safely release around the back of the neck. These lanyards are ideal for schools and hospitals where safety is a big concern. Buckle release lanyards allow the user to easily unclip the lanyard attachment without removing the lanyard from around the neck. The plastic, click-buckle is located just above the attachment. Buckle release lanyards are handy for accessing keys and badges quickly and efficiently.