Blank Tablecloths & Table Runners

Get a great deal and a whole lot of attention at your next event with a blank table cover. The high-quality polyester is made to last! Table covers without designs can be used for multiple events, which means big savings for you!

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Blank Table Covers

Blank table covers are very affordable and classy for wedding receptions and banquets. Cover your event tables with these modern and sleek, blank table covers and decorate them any way you choose!

Choose from our assortment of colors to accent your special occasion and make a great impression. You get liquid-repellent protection with every table cover you order!

Navy blue blank tablecloths

Blank Tablecloths FAQs

Are blank table covers budget-friendly?

You can purchase a standard blank table cover for less than $70. Your price will depend on the style, size and other factors.

What is the minimum number of blank tablecloths I can order?

All of our blank tablecloths have a minimum order of one. Order blank table covers in bulk to save more with our wholesale pricing.

What size of blank tablecloth or blank table runner do I need?

Your tablecloth size depends on the size of your table. Totally Promotional offers 4-ft., 6-ft., 8-ft. and bar-height table covers. We recommend ordering our versatile 6-ft. throw table cover if you are unsure which size you need. We also have several different sizes of table runners.

How do I clean my blank tablecloth?

Freshen up your blank tablecloth by placing it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle or hand-washing it in cold water. Do not bleach or dry clean your table covers because this can damage the ink. Steam or a low-heat iron is best to eliminate wrinkles.

How do I order a blank table cover?

Choose your desired style, quantity, production and delivery time, and enter your ZIP code. Next, select your product color. We offer about a dozen blank tablecloth colors to match your theme.

Options for Plain Table Covers

Need an affordable blank tablecloth or table runner? Looking for a particular style or fit?

Totally Promotional offers a variety of styles and colors for blank tablecloths! Check out our trendy options:

Why Blank Wholesale Tablecloths?

  • Use our blank tablecloths at restaurants, company events or birthday parties. The spill-resistant cover will help absorb liquids and protect your tables.
  • Decorate your banquet and wedding receptions with colorful, blank tablecloths! Match your tablecloth color with your event theme.
  • Blank table covers are ideal backdrops for table runners. Make your imprinted table runner stand out at trade shows!

Customer Reviews

“We chose a solid color table cover to go with the white table runner that has our school logo. The colors (purple) of the cover and in the logo match exactly.”

— Ronda P. ordered 8-ft. 3-Sided Liquid Repellent Table Throw-Blank


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Use our universal blank 6-ft. Liquid-Repellent Table Throw for all your future celebrations!

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Blue blank table covers