Custom Phone Wallets

Custom cell phone wallets give you unlimited mobile advertising everywhere they go! Adhesive cell phone wallets are an added touch of convenience for your clients who need to keep credit cards, cash, ID and other items close and secure. These promotional cell phone phone wallets can be printed with your name, logo and contact information in colors and styles you love!

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Phone Wallets FAQs

What is a phone wallet?

A cell phone wallet or phone card holder is a sleeve designed to stick to the back of your phone to hold credit cards, identification cards or cash.

Are adhesive phone wallets permanent?

The phone wallet can be removed by carefully peeling back the corner.

Can I attach a phone wallet to my cell phone case?

Yes! The phone wallet will adhere to smooth phone cases or directly to your smartphone. It may not stick well to bumpy or textured phone cases.

How much does it cost to order phone wallets with my logo?

You can order phone wallets with your logo for approximately $1 each. Price will vary by style and quantity ordered.

Who uses cell phone wallets?

Cell phone wallets became popular among college students who wanted to carry less around campus but keep their phone, cash and ID close at hand. They have grown in popularity and are a useful promotional product for just about anyone with a smartphone.