Trade Show Giveaways

Make your best impression with high-quality, trade show promotional products! Place your name and logo on premium bags, pens, drinkware, lip balm hand sanitizer, and toys and novelty items to draw clients to you.

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Showing 61-120 of 287 results

Showing 61-120 of 287 results

Trade Show Giveaways FAQs

Which giveaways are best for traveling?

If transportation issues and display space has you worried, check out our customized pens and pencils, lip balm and other small items for cheap trade show giveaways. Hand sanitizer, stress-balls, and giveaway toys are proven crowd-pleasers. It's easy to find your niche with our great selection!

How many promotional products should I bring to a trade show?

To determine how many trade show giveaways to bring, you can request the number of sold tickets and multiply by the percentage of attendees you expect to be interested in your product or service. If there were 10,000 tickets sold and you expect 40% to visit your booth, you should bring 4,000 products (10,000 x .4).

How should I display giveaways at a trade show?

We recommend displaying promotional products on your trade show table for attendees to grab, but reserve some behind the table so that they don't disappear too quickly. Read our blog for more advice on creating an impressive trade show table.

Which promotional products are hot this year?

Trade shows will look different in the coming months. New popular products will include hand sanitizer and face masks, along with classic giveaways like apparel and pens.

How do I choose a promotional product for an event?

The best promotional products are memorable and make a positive impression. Choose a product that relates to your business and will be useful to the recipient.