The right embroidery fonts add personality and elegance to customized giveaways.

But what’s the best font for embroidery on promotional products? That’s where our expertise comes in!

This blog post will cover an introduction to fonts, a list of popular fonts for embroidering and some fantastic customizable products for you to embroider. Whether you’re looking to add some flair to your promotional items or you’re just curious, read on!

What are fonts and typefaces?

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A font is a style of letters that typically has unique letter and number shapes, sizes and other characteristics. Fonts of the same name belong to the same typeface. For example, Calibri Regular 11 and Calibri Bold 22 are different fonts with Calibri as their typeface.

The terms font and typeface are often used interchangeably. Computers allow us to select different typefaces and fonts in seconds, so the distinction has mostly faded.

Typefaces and their fonts are important to imprints of all kinds because they affect the legibility of designs. Some typefaces and fonts are easier to read on certain surfaces or materials.

How to choose the right embroidery fonts

You need to consider a few things when choosing an embroidery font. First, think about the size of the embroidered area. If you’re embroidering a large design onto a custom tote bag, you can use a bigger, bolder font. But that same font could be difficult to read in a smaller imprint area such as on a promotional beanie.

Another thing to consider is the overall tone of your design. Choose a whimsical, embroidery font If you want your embroidered design to be playful and fun. If you want your imprint or design to be more classic and serious, go for something simple and clean-lined.

Finally, think about the embroidery stitches that will be used. Some fonts work better with certain stitches than others. For example, a font with thin strokes might get lost in a design that uses primarily satin stitches.

What are the best embroidery fonts?

Here are some embroidery fonts that look fantastic on products!

Helvetica Regular | neo-grotesque sans serif
Janda Safe and Sound Solid | hand-drawn sans serif
Minion Pro | serif
Futura Regular | geometric sans serif
Arial Black | sans serif
Alternate Gothic Regular | sans serif
Cooper Black | bold display serif
Freestyle Regular | casual display script
Kabel Regular | geometric sans serif
Century Gothic Regular | sans serif
Comic Sans Regular | sans serif script
Collegiate Regular | display sans serif
Carley Co Bold | all caps sans serif
Cambria Regular | transitional serif
American Typewriter Regular | slab serif
Copperplate Gothic Bold | sans serif
Caslon 3 Regular | serif
Garamond Regular | old-style serif
Optima Regular | humanist sans serif
Rockwell Regular | slab serif
Blue Highway Bold | display sans serif
Bank Gothic Regular | geometric sans serif
Baskerville Regular | transitional serif
Gotham Regular | geometric sans serif
  • Helvetica Regular | neo-grotesque sans serif 
  • Cooper Black | bold display serif 
  • Carley Co Bold | all caps sans serif 
  • Optima Regular | humanist sans serif
  • Janda Safe and Sound Solid | hand-drawn sans serif 
  • Freestyle Regular | casual display script 
  • Cambria Regular | transitional serif 
  • Rockwell Regular | slab serif 
  • Minion Pro | serif 
  • Kabel Regular | geometric sans serif 
  • American Typewriter Regular | slab serif 
  • Blue Highway Bold | display sans serif 
  • Futura Regular | geometric sans serif 
  • Century Gothic Regular | sans serif 
  • Copperplate Gothic Bold | sans serif 
  • Bank Gothic Regular | geometric sans serif 
  • Arial Black | sans serif 
  • Comic Sans Regular | sans serif script
  • Caslon 3 Regular | serif
  • Baskerville Regular | transitional serif
  • Alternate Gothic Regular | sans serif
  • Collegiate Regular | display sans serif
  • Garamond Regular | old-style serif
  • Gotham Regular | geometric sans serif

Top 10 promotional products for your embroidered design

If you’re ready to add some personality to your promotional items, Totally Promotional is here to help! Here is a list of our most popular embroidered products and the embroidery fonts we recommend for your unique design:

1. Brushed Stadium Blanket

custom embroidered brushed stadium blanket

Keep your clients warm with these soft blankets! They will see your stitched message every time they curl up with one. The low minimum of 12 is excellent for smaller giveaways.

Recommended font: Rockwell Regular

2. David Scarf

custom embroidered david scarf

Use the seven available thread colors to construct your amazing design! The silky material will make this scarf the new favorite for your customers.

Recommended font: Kabel Regular

3. Economy Cotton Twill Cap

custom embroidered economy cotton twill cap

Show off your logo wherever your customers go when it is embroidered on a hat! Our embroidered caps fit most with adjustable hook-and-loop straps. Enjoy the trendy styles of pre-curved visors and unstructured crowns.

Recommended font: Futura Regular

4. White Gildan® Heavy Blend Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt

custom embroidered white gildan heavy blend zip-up hoodie

Standard apparel tags are itchy, causing people to cut them off and lose washing instructions. These sweatshirts have satin tags that are comfortable and help preserve the quality of your apparel.

Give these sweatshirts with an embroidered logo to each of your employees with a generous size range of S to 5XL.

Recommended font: Blue Highway Bold

5. Gildan® DryBlend T-Shirt

custom embroidered gildan dryblend t-shirt

Bring awareness to your charity event with an eye-catching embroidered tee. The moisture-wicking fabric will keep your clients comfortable during all types of activities.

Recommended font: American Typewriter Regular

6. Tri-Fold Embroidered Golf Towel

custom embroidered tri-fold golf towel

Customers will be reminded of your golf course or club whenever they hit the green with these custom towels! They are soft and absorbent so equipment can be dried off quickly.

Recommended font: Cooper Black

7. Delicate Plush Baby Blanket

custom embroidered delicate plush baby blanket

These cozy baby blankets are perfect for hospitals or daycare centers. The satin edge and beautiful embroidery give it a luxurious look parents will appreciate.

Recommended font: Freestyle Regular

8. Marble Knit Beanie

custom embroidered marble knit beanie

Check out our comfy, knitted hats to get your name out there. One size fits most so you won’t have to worry about sizing for your giveaways. Take advantage of the free delivery to the contiguous United States!

Recommended font: Cambria Regular

9. Port Authority® Challenger™ Jacket

custom embroidered port authority challenger jacket

Bad weather doesn’t stand a chance with our water-resistant jackets! They have a polyester fleece body to keep the wearer extra warm.

Recommended font: Garamond Regular

10. Port Authority® Silk Touch Polo

custom embroidered port authority silk touch polo

These customizable polos make employees look professional. They will bask in the comfort of the cotton and polyester pique fabric.

Recommended font: Bank Gothic Regular

Pros and cons of machine embroidery fonts

As much as we love the look, not all products are best for embroidery. Check out these pros and cons to determine if embroidery is the right choice for you.


  • Adds elegance to any product
  • Super durable
  • Doesn’t fade with washing
  • Works on fabrics not suited for other printing methods


  • Can be more expensive than other imprints
  • Doesn’t work well for small lettering or details
  • Stitch limits can affect your design choice
  • Limited font choices

Ink printing may be best if you are ordering small gifts or giveaway items. But we’ve got your back there, too! Our more than 30 years of expertise with custom-printed products is at your disposal.

Talk with our experts

Have questions about your design or need a stitch count estimate? Contact [email protected] with your inquiry and artwork. Our team is happy to help!

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