Half the fun of playing basketball is selecting a cool team name.

Good team names for basketball can rally your players, intimidate opponents and make your season memorable. Whether on or off the court, wearing a custom shirt or custom hat with a good basketball team name can build comradery.

What should I name my basketball team?

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One of the biggest considerations for basketball team names is the age of your players. Are you looking for clever team names for a youth basketball club, a boys’ or girls’ team, teenagers or adults? Be sure to choose a name that is appropriate for the gender and age group.

Also, look for a shorter basketball team name if you plan to place it on T-shirts for small children. You’ll have less imprint space available on smaller tees for kiddos.

Finally, it’s a good idea to get the players’ input when deciding on good team names. After all, it’s their team and they’ll be wearing that name!

Ask for ideas or choose a few different names to be voted on by the athletes and coaches. Here are some really cool basketball team names to consider:

40 basketball names for teams

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  1. Slam Dunkers
  2. Court Queens
  3. The Crossovers
  4. The Dribblers
  5. Net Rippers
  6. Rebounders
  7. Threes All Day
  8. Three-Pointers
  9. Backcourt Babes
  10. Air Balls
  11. Half-Court Heaves
  12. Hanging J’s
  13. Kareem of the Crop
  14. No-Look Passes
  15. Sneaker Squeakers
  16. Fast Breaks
  17. Geeks With Sneaks
  18. Jump Shots
  19. Free-Throw Fanatics
  20. Hook Shots
  21. Buckets Are Us
  22. Traveling Violations
  23. Double Dribbles
  24. Dunk After Dunk
  25. Dunkin’ Dads
  26. Shattered Dreams
  27. Badass Boyz
  28. Slam Dunk Divas
  29. Buzzer Beaters
  30. Zone Zombies
  31. Rimshots
  32. Girls on Fire
  33. Basket Junkies
  34. Shooting Stars
  35. Net Ninjas
  36. Dribbling Demons
  37. On the Rebound
  38. Hoop Heroes
  39. The Steal is Real
  40. #LoveTheLayups

How to promote your basketball team’s name

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Realtors, car dealerships and other businesses often sponsor youth basketball teams. Their support provides equipment and gives kids a positive growth experience. It also shows potential customers your generosity in giving back to your community.

So don’t keep your sponsorship a secret! Basketball team sponsors can promote their players and themselves in the following ways:

  • Furnish each player and coach with a custom-printed T-shirt or baseball jersey printed with the team’s name. A super, budget-friendly option is the Gildan® DryBlend T-Shirt.
  • Use your company’s social media or newsletter to post the game schedule, give updates on the team’s standings and feature Most Valuable Players.
  • Advertise your sponsorship by hanging a banner outside your business with the basketball team’s name. A small, tabletop banner is a nice addition to a lobby or conference room.
  • Keep your players hydrated by giving each a customized water bottle to kick off the season. The 28 oz. Translucent Travel Bike Bottle is easy to grip and go during quick time-outs.
  • End the season by giving each member of your team a Pro-Lite Cap or an embroidered Knit Beanie With Cuff. Personalize them with your basketball team name and your company logo. These affordable gifts will keep their hoops enthusiasm alive during the off-season and give your business long-term branding power!

Feel free to hack these basketball team name ideas and promote your athletes all year round!

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