Have you ever wondered what top designers would choose for their wedding favor designs? I have.

Since I’m surrounded by very talented graphic artists who create wedding designs at Totally Wedding Koozies, I decided to ask a few. They graciously gave me their top picks and the reasons why they love these designs and quotes.

Favorite designs for wedding favors

1. Janae Evers, Digital Designer: Template ID: 0943designer wedding favor picks“This template is very simple, modern, and would work for any style of wedding. I love a good script font paired with a bold serif font, and this template is just that. The layout is very clean and versatile, allowing it to print well on any of our products. I also love that it includes a date to ensure you always remember the BEST DAY EVER!” – Janae

2. Jenny Osterholt, Digital Designer: Template ID: 0798designer wedding napkins“This is the perfect choice for that bride or groom looking for a very sleek, sophisticated design. The all-caps, slender font gives the design a very clean/modern feeling, whereas the thin cursive font adds the perfect amount of romance. This template can also be very versatile, whether it’s used for a rustic wedding or a very classic black and white, bowtie wedding.” – Jenny

3. Danielle Heinrichs, Digital Designer: Template ID: 0922
designer favorite wedding coaters“It is hard to just choose one design because I have several favorites. If I had to choose, it would be template ID:0922 because I like the focus on the last name and wedding date. You can also customize it and put your first names in place of the date. I like the detail the design offers while still creating a great imprint. It would work well on any of our products. I think placing this design on a maroon item with a khaki or gold imprint would look fabulous for a fall wedding theme.” – Danielle

4. Jenn Jacobs, Digital Designer: Template ID: 1257Designer Favorite Wedding Cups“There are a lot of different wedding templates that I like, but I believe wedding template 1257 is my favorite. I like this script font mixed with the san serif font. I also like how it gives you the option to design your second side with your personalized wedding information when using on can coolers or other two-sided products, so you and your guests can remember your special day!” – Jenn

5. Morgan Rinderle, Designer & Account Specialist: Template ID: 1022
Designer Wedding Tote Bag Designs“I really love the simple designs that can be used for universal events. The design I have chosen is new to our templates and I love the simplicity of it. I love mix-matching a cursive font and a bold san serif font. Then to top it all off, a cute little diamond that sparkles! I believe this design would look great with any color combo; the sleek black-and-white look is a favorite of mine.” – Morgan

6. Brook Albers, Digital Designer: Template ID: 1111
Designer Wedding Napkin Designs“This particular template is tastefully simple and fills out the entire template nicely. The pairing of the two fonts compliments the graphic of the rings beautifully. As if this design wasn’t perfect enough, you can customize it to your particular occasion. You can include a date, last names or even a hashtag. Personally, my favorite wedding season is spring so inevitably my choice of color combinations for this template is mint with our Sparkly Metallic Gold imprint. The options are limitless. With a few choices, you can customize the design to perfectly fit your special day! – Brook

7. Jenny Brown, Account Manager/Graphic Designer: Template ID: 1144Designer Favorite Wedding Coasters“This is my favorite template because it shows a fun personality! You get a cute little quote with your names in an adorable font. This artwork would look great in many colors. I would choose an olive product color with a khaki imprint.” – Jenny

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Totally Wedding Koozies has numerous wedding templates to browse. You also have the option of sending us your own artwork during the online ordering process or emailing it to us later.

Need more reasons to shop with us for your wedding favors?

  • Low prices
  • Rush production and delivery options
  • Free online artwork proof
  • Experienced and friendly customer service

Your special day will be here before you know it. Select an idea from our top designers or find one that best suits your style. Place your order today!


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