Earth Day, April 22, is more than just a day to celebrate conservation efforts and goals. It’s a time to “go green” with Earth Day promotions that highlight your brand.

The annual observance is a fantastic opportunity for businesses, organizations or groups of all kinds to benefit from valuable Earth Day ideas. All you need are great suggestions and low-cost promotional products with your logo.

But before I share some amazing ideas with you, let’s briefly discuss Earth Day.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day, which is always April 22, kicked off in 1970 as an environmental movement. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin in 1969 came up with the idea for a teach-in on college campuses to raise awareness about air and water pollution. He chose others to help with the campaign.

The group set the teach-in for April 22 — a weekday between spring break and final exams — to encourage more students to attend the teach-in.

The single-day environmental awareness campaign gained momentum and was eventually named Earth Day. Its popularity led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and laws to protect the planet.

12 Earth Day promotions for marketing

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Get ready for some of the easiest and most affordable ways for companies to celebrate Earth Day! These ideas are a win-win for any business who wants to promote their brand and take responsibility for the care of Mother Earth.

Simply place your business name and logo on items used for smart Earth Day promotions. Here are the best of the best:

  1. Host an online trivia contest and award prizes for the top winners. Questions can relate to the history of Earth Day, plant knowledge or who created the EPA (answer: President Richard Nixon). Prizes: Bulk plant kits.
  2. Celebrating a landmark anniversary or other company achievement in the spring? Hand out an Earth Day freebie: Sustainable Tote Bags
  3. Hosting a conference or training session on or near Earth Day? Give each attendee a reusable 24 oz. Slim Fit Pop Up Sip Water Bottle or 20 oz. Plastic Water Bottle to use and take home.
  4. Sponsor a spring math or STEM competition at your local school with an eco-friendly theme. Award for winners: Natural Eco Notebook With Pen
  5. Donate earth-friendly items to high school athletes in spring sports such as track and baseball. A popular product to customize with your logo and Earth Day artwork: Bulk Cooling Towels
  6. Show your concern for the environment with a colorful banner in front of your business each April. Select artwork to promote the Earth Day theme. Our graphic designers are ready to help!
  7. Distribute printed T-shirts with an Earth Day theme to employees. Take photos of your staff wearing the shirts to work. Share the fun pictures on social media and in your company newsletter.
  8. Ask for volunteers to participate in a “green” activity in your community such as trash pickup or tree planting. Give each person a branded hat with your logo to wear during the activity.
  9. On or near Earth Day, furnish area students with sustainable Polypropylene Grocery Totes filled with information on how to recycle.
  10. Support a community garden or farmers market in your area. Hand out small gifts with your logo on opening day. Suggested Earth Day giveaways: Promo rain gauges
  11. Line your bookstore with resources promoting land conservation during the month of April. Give customers a personalized garden tool for purchases over a set amount.
  12. Slip a bulk seed packet into your customers’ purchases at your garden center this spring for an affordable Earth Day promotion.

Business choices for sustainability

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Here are some great ideas to get your business on the right path:

  • Reuse materials. People who lived through the Great Depression learned to repurpose items before it was chic. Follow in their footsteps by safely reusing products or donating items no longer needed. Totally Promotional donates products to charities year-round instead of sending them to the landfill.
  • Recycle what you can. This is one of the easiest Earth Day ideas for businesses. Most communities in the U.S. have recycling centers where items can be dropped off or picked up for proper disposal. Create designated bins in your office or factory to collect paper, aluminum, glass and other recyclable items. Contact your local recycling center to learn the rules.
  • Choose vendors who think like you. Find out how “green” your business partners are and stick with those who have the same eco-friendly goals as you.
  • Sell eco-friendly products. The demand for eco-friendly items continues to grow everywhere, including at Totally Promotional. A few of our bestsellers are canvas and jute tote bags and Eco Spiral Notebooks.
  • Love your landscape. Reduce pesticide and chemical use in favor of all-natural applications. Apply organic materials to fertilize and control pests and include composting and mulching to improve the soil. Organic methods help reduce toxins in our underground water tables.
  • Clean to keep green. Swap out traditional cleaning supplies for natural products. You’ll find many nontoxic cleaning materials and products on the market today that won’t harm the environment.
  • Get an energy audit. Ask your local energy company or the EPA about receiving an energy audit to reduce your carbon imprint and monthly bills. You might be surprised by the impact subtle energy changes can make on the world and your wallet. Some green energy efforts are eligible for tax credits.
  • Set goals. Knowing what you want to achieve can help you ease into transitions, establish new routines and keep costs manageable. Start by appointing a committee to research options. Consider their ideas and set a timeline for implementation.
  • Select earth-friendly products that reflect your business. This helps maintain your brand voice, which tells customers who you are and what you value. An example: Reusable water bottles are a good choice for gyms seeking Earth Day promotions.
  • Make it personal. Directly hand your sustainable giveaways to recipients when possible. It’s the most effective way to engage potential clients and jumpstart conversations.

Rewards for Earth Day promotions

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Your goal is to protect Mother Nature, but the positive impact of sustainable practices brings added bonuses:

Reduce long-term costs

Becoming energy efficient sometimes involves an investment in equipment, materials and labor. Examples would be purchasing solar panels or geothermal units, recycling containers, and LED and CFL bulbs for your business.

The benefit: In time these changes will lower energy bills and give your company positive PR for adopting eco-friendly measures.

Impress clients and customers 

Even if your clients haven’t taken steps themselves to help the environment, they are likely to applaud yours. Jumping into the green movement improves a company’s reputation for being responsible. The idea often catches on.

The benefit: You’ll create new clients and establish loyal ones.

Keep employees healthy

Replacing toxic chemicals used in manufacturing can improve the health and well-being of your employees. This also can help reduce the number of sick days workers take.

The benefit: A healthier workforce can lower insurance costs and keep your business operating more efficiently.

Reap tax benefits

Besides lowering energy bills, you may be entitled to tax credits or deductions for specific sustainability projects. These added bonuses are often available when switching to renewable energy such as wind turbines or by incorporating high-energy systems in your buildings.

The benefit: Lower energy costs for your company.

Shop eco-friendly products all year long

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