If you think koozies® just keep beverages cold, you’re in for a surprise! The list of everyday koozie uses keeps growing. We’ve gotten great tips from our customers on how to put those fun can coolers to work. Heck, even members of our staff have shared a few tips!

The number of koozie® uses is mind-boggling!

Those custom can coolers stashed in your cupboard can serve as little helpers around the house, in the car … just about anywhere! Keep a few in your purse, glove compartment or gym bag for easy access!

18 clever koozie® uses to share

  1. Slide one on the bottom of your shaving cream can in the shower to prevent rust stains.koozie light bulb holders
  2. Store light bulbs inside to prevent breakage.can cooler vehicle gear shift cover
  3. Place one over the knob of a vehicle gear shift to protect it from the sun.
  4. Tuck camera lenses inside a koozie® for extra protection.can cooler table leg pads
  5. Place table legs inside to avoid scratching floors.can cooler ornaments
  6. Make adorable Christmas ornaments!
  7. Pack apples or other fruit inside a koozie® to prevent bruising.
  8. Pierce stud earrings or other types of jewelry through a koozie® for storage. Ditto for sewing needles.
  9. Cut a small half-circle in the side and wear on your hand to prevent smudging when writing or use as a bike glove.
  10. Place over a hot light bulb that needs to be removed.glass protector
  11. Put drinking glasses and other breakable items in can coolers when moving.
  12. Keep a few in the bottom of a large tote bag to store small objects.vehicle cup holders
  13. Place in vehicle cup holders to keep them dry.
  14. Use as a holder for pens, pencils, erasers, coins, etc.pot holders
  15. Use thick and flexible foam can coolers as pot holders.
  16. Cover your cell phone or other small electronics for added protection.
  17. Tuck gift cards inside.can coolers with tshirts
  18. Place T-shirts in custom can coolers and toss them as gifts during parades and other promotional events.

How to turn a koozie into a bottle holder

One last bonus idea from MEC Videos: Turn a can cooler into a water bottle holder for running or hiking. Watch their quick and clever YouTube video below for instructions:

    The true mission of our custom koozies®
    can coolers

    Don’t forget the No. 1 reason people like to receive koozies® and can coolers: to keep their beverages cold and their hands dry! Custom can coolers make great wedding favors and economical giveaways at parties, fundraisers and other events.

    It’s easy to personalize your can coolers with Totally Promotional’s design tools. You also have the option of uploading your own special image or message to create unique insulators for your guests, family and friends.

    Order your all-purpose Koozies® today!


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  1. I am carrying two in the car as steering wheel potholders. In the Phoenix area, I also need one that slips over the metal part of the seat belt so I am not branding my thigh when it is 120 degrees in August.

    • Hey Deb, thanks for sharing this! I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before but I’m very glad our koozies are so helpful! The foam and neoprene materials make them very practical for a wide variety of everyday uses, that’s for sure.

      Thanks again for sharing this smart idea.

      Best wishes,

      Shelley Grieshop
      Totally Promotional

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