It can be difficult to come up with witty lake phrases when you’ve got a business to run. No worries. We did the work for you!

Check out these phrases and puns for your merchandise or gifts. We recommend printing these sayings onto promotional T-shirts and custom hats. Lake sayings also are perfect for customizing popular products such as custom cups, can coolers, logo beach towels and promotional tote bags for the beach!

35 clever lake life quotes

custom t-shirts with lake sayings
  1. “Life is better by the lake”
  2. “This vacation is fintastic!”
  3. “What a great oppor-tuna-ty!”
  4. “OMC!”
  5. “You’ve got me hooked!”
  6. “It doesn’t get betta than this!”
  7. “You’re such an angelfish”
  8. “This fishing trip is off the hook!”
  9. “You’ve cod-a be kidding me!”
  10. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost fish”
  11. “Life is what you mako it!”
  12. “You are gilliant”
  13. “Don’t act so koi”
  14. “You little sea devil!”
  15. “Fishing is good for the sole”
  16. “Never dis-a-pier from my life!”
  17. “Don’t be bass-ic”
  18. “You are so row-mantic!”
  19. “Live. Lake. Love.”
  20. “Make memories at the marina”
  21. “My peace is out on the water”
  22. “Summer hues, maritime views”
  23. “The lake is calling”
  24. “Living on lake time”
  25. “Sandy hair, don’t care”
  26. “You lured me in!”
  27. “Keeping it reel”
  28. “I’m becoming a beach bum”
  29. “Find yourself on the lake”
  30. “Carp-e diem”
  31. “What happens at the beach stays at the beach”
  32. “Sea la vie”
  33. “Time spent on the beach is time well spent”
  34. “Everything is better with flip flops”
  35. “I am as happy as a clam!”

Color ideas for your products

customized products on a picnic table

Make sure your target audience immediately notices your promotional items. One of the easiest ways to do this is by choosing the right colors to go with your saying. According to Inc., 75 percent of quick decisions are made based on color.

You may think blue is an easy choice because it matches water. But did you know it is also a great choice psychologically? Blue is a calming color that denotes sincerity and is perfect for businesses.

Yellow is another good color to consider because it makes people feel happy. It also stands out more than other colors and shows creativity.

Psychologists say purple is a smart choice because it makes your brand appear dependable and fancy.

A neutral sandy color can remind your customers of the beach!

Boost your brand with lake life sayings

custom slim can koozies for the lake

Make waves in stagnant advertising waters with any of our lake life phrases! By adding a fun lake phrase and your logo to an item, you can increase sales and branding for your company. Customers will get a kick out of your merchandise and be more likely to return.

Shop with us for plenty of great promotional products to fit your lake theme. Place your order today and be ready when sunny skies and warm temperatures arrive!

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