Slim can koozies® are soaking up fame and moisture as hard seltzers and other drinks in tall cans rise in popularity.

The skinny cans tower above their short, stocky cousins. But that’s not the only reason slim cans and tall, skinny can coolers are so appealing.

Why tall, slim cans are all the rage

slim can drinks
  1. Demand is high for fewer calories, less alcohol.
    A vast majority of slim can drinks offer reduced sugar and little to no alcohol content, which pleases the health-conscious millennial generation. These 21- to 38-year-olds prefer guilt-free choices such as White Claw Hard Seltzer, Heineken’s Strongbow and Perrier’s flavored mineral water. Wine sales fell about 1 percent in 2019 and overall beer sales dropped 2.3 percent while sales of fizzy drinks like seltzers doubled from the previous year, according to an IWSR Global Trends Report. Consumption of the bubbly drinks is expected to triple by 2023.
  2. The shape makes us feel good.
    Tall and slim are traits many of us crave for our bodies. So when we see a can or other object that matches those characteristics, it subconsciously intrigues and attracts us. The taller cans also make us think we’re getting more to drink, even when we’re not. Those marketing people are slick.
  3. It fits like a glove.
    If you have small hands as I do, grasping a skinny can gives you confidence. It’s even a little empowering, especially if the wall of the aluminum or steel can isn’t paper-thin. To get an even better grip, treat yourself to a few custom sleeves for slim cans.
  4. Retailers get more product on the shelf.
    Slim, tall cans fill a smaller surface space, which allows retailers to place more items on their shelves. The average slim can measures 6.125 inches tall and has a 2.25-inch diameter. A standard can is 4.83 inches tall with a 2.6-inch diameter. Space is money for retailers so they are excited about the skinny can trend.
  5. Slim cans chill faster.
    This may not be the most convincing reason to switch to a tall, slim can but it warrants the No. 5 position. From a physics point of you, the taller, thinner dimensions allow these cans to chill faster in the refrigerator. How much faster? I haven’t found the answer to that yet, but please share if you know!

The future appears fizzy

Trends come and go so it’s hard to know if the slim can craze is temporary or here to stay. But for now, the bubbly, fizzy drinks in those tall cans are cornering the market and giving other beverages a run for their money.

white claw slim can koozies

So here’s a tip for your next party: Make sure you have tall cans of hard seltzer, sparkling water or other cocktails on hand. And order a few custom slim can coolers to play it safe. You’re going to need them.

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